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for A dream is a wish

7/3/2009 c23 26Ellie6
Loved this chapter =) And when Becca and Jesse were leaving the graveyard I cracked up. ' "O...frisky are we?" Jesse said, with an Irish accent. ' SO funny xD But telling her little brother about building sexual tension was gross! Lol, but funny.

Update soon, this was great =)
6/30/2009 c23 aalliinnaaaaa
I love this story!

I am curious to see what you're gonna do with this trip.

please post more!:D
6/7/2009 c23 7SecondStarToTheRight18
Yes! You finally updated, girl! I love it. Haha, the whole, "I shouldn't have kept antagonizing a high school boy" line was hilarious! And OH MY GOD, STEPHANIE! No fair at al. I wonder if you're doing that for a reason, though? Like, how Jesse was saying everything happened for a reason, well, I wonder if we're going to witness that "reason"... Anyway, just me thinking out loud, can't wait for an update, so make it soon, por favor! And congrats on graduating, girly! :D

2/4/2009 c22 SecondStarToTheRight18
Hahaha what you said last, about being busy and having a little writer's block is EXACTLY what I said in my review for "Mistakes Gone Right" LOL Oh, well, guess we've both just been busy.

But about the update, good job with the scene not being too much but just enough. You have a good balance with that, I think I go a little overboard with mine lol But anyway, they're just more M but yours was good. And the rest of the chapter was good too! I like how both their mothers are fussing over them, teehee. Can't wait to see how the time in Kansas goes... ;) Wonder if Becca's gonna accidentally get pregnant again or something like that... I guess I'll shut up now but I am curious to see what you're gonna do with this story so update soon, k? Love ya!
1/26/2009 c22 26Ellie6
Great chapter =) Haha, I find it kinda funny how all the parents are trying to give them 'alone time', it would freak me out xD Then again I suppose it's just what they needed as a married couple.

I can tell reading about the week in Kansas is going to be good, so update soon! =)
10/23/2008 c21 7SecondStarToTheRight18
Wow, Becca. That was a really tense chapter. I wouldn't be able to talk about that for at least a good 6 months. I just don't think I could. And the part where Jesse just breaks down was good. Like, he's been strong all this time and now, you know, it's his turn to let it go. Um... I know there was other stuff I wanted to say but I'm not sure what... anyway, did you get my PM? Something weird has been going on ffnet's PM service. Or it seems that way to me, cause I keep sending PMs and getting no mention of them. You know? But anyway, I really liked the chapter, update again soon, okay?


Anna Christie
10/23/2008 c21 26Ellie6
Aw, I really liked that chapter, but i feel so sorry for them. And please do update more often! I'm not bothered which story lol, but I love reading you stories, so keep the chapters coming! Haha, I love Aly in your story btw, she cracks me up xD Can't wait for the next update (hope it's soon!)
10/8/2008 c20 7SecondStarToTheRight18
Awe that was the sweetest chapter! Like, at the end where Jesse's wanting to take care of her and all... only I wanted to cry when she told Vanessa she wanted to braid her hair and help her pick her prom dress and all that... I so had tears in my eyes! This chapter was beautiful and so emotional and vivid. Amazing job. Now... UPDATE! PLEASE!


9/9/2008 c20 26Ellie6
Another great chapter =) Couldn't believe you finally updated! Lol jk jk! Can't wait for the next one, sounds interesting =)

Update asap!
8/10/2008 c19 6Ellie6
Hey, just read all the chapters and they're amazing =) And the last chapter was so cute! Update asap! =)
8/10/2008 c19 7SecondStarToTheRight18
Aw! OMG, I would be bawling about not being able to have more children! But probably not right away, maybe she will later on? And AW Jesse being upset about it and then like, how he was firm saying no. The doctor said it might kill her and he couldn't live without her and all!

Ah, I so have to have more and you did really good with being more descriptive this chapter!

Update WAY soon, mkay?

7/7/2008 c18 SecondStarToTheRight18
Oh my gosh! This is amazing! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update! and don't let Becca die! Jesse would go crazy and he can't go crazy. he's too hott to go crazy haha and besides, little Dillon needs his mommy!


6/2/2008 c17 SecondStarToTheRight18
OH MY GOD. HOW DARE YOU! *SCREAMS at you* haha PLEASE and I mean PLEAASSE P.L.E.A.S.E. post NOW! Okay, not now, it's 11:30 but s.o.o.n. okay? SON? PLEASE!

whew, got that out. Now, everything up till the concert had me laughing so hard! lol It was hilarious! I LOVED it! especially this:

"That would be too early in the public's eye." I said, pulling out a cute shirt.

"No they would just think that I am a overprotective fool." Jesse said."

pahahahahahhahahaha I love your stories, girl! You're so light and happy and then BAM dramatic but it's all super awesome!

OMGOD PLEASE post soon, I can't stand not knowing if she hit Becca! That bitch is insane, man! Saying it's Becca's fault when obviously it was just bad luck! OMG this is awesome, post S.O.O.N.

5/30/2008 c3 1spamisthename
hi i love it

3/25/2008 c15 1Snickerdoodle134
The songs are beautiful, Becca. Great chapter!
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