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1/26/2007 c2 8obsessed with snape
Ha Ha I love it!
10/16/2006 c2 29fragonknight01
OK, so, we know that Sevvy is sexy...and now he is sane? Let's not let him be perfect, cause then he will have to be terminated.
10/16/2006 c1 fragonknight01
I didn't catch the association with the bad language there, but that's ok. I will just keep reading and maybe the fucking light will turn on.
10/13/2006 c2 1juicebump88
you, my dear, are a freak

VERY amusing...but still fairly freakish :D
10/13/2006 c2 18AdamiRose
It's pretty sad when Severus Snape is the sanest member of the Hogwarts Staff. I'd have voted Minerva as the sanest, but then I'm a big fan of Minerva! **Waves a Tartan pennant around "Go Minerva!**

Though Filch is about accurate, and yeah...Sprout needs a hobby.
10/12/2006 c1 AdamiRose
Just because you said it wasn't allowed..."That's Stupid" OK, now that I got that over with, it's an amusing stupid if nothing else. Um, one minor thing...the deputy headmistress' name is spelled McGonagall (trust me on this, I spend a lot of time writing that name out!)

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