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for The Greatest Enemy

10/13/2006 c1 VampireJazzy
LMFAO! -dies from laughter so types from heaven- omfg that was freakin' funny! i cant wait for an update! plz continue ja ne =^-^=


10/13/2006 c1 23iyfanatic
That was hilarious! XD "It was so on." Hahaha, that was my favorite line! I can totally imagine Yondaime glaring at chibi pervy Sasuke-kun for threatening the chastity of his son. XD I hope you update soon, this is a very promising start! In fact, I'm putting it in my faves so more people will read it! XD
10/13/2006 c1 destroying tokyo
Great start! I really like this fic so far. You came up with an original idea. Please update soon.
10/13/2006 c1 25Sythe
Oh My my, he really is an Uchiha, isn't he? I'm glad that someone that wrote this. I've alway wanted to read a Yondaime versus Sasuke for his son's sake ever since that fic Apple of My eyes. It was good.
10/13/2006 c1 nanamen
to my missery I was drinking something while reading this story. well, it kinda ended badly.. I mean I was just taking a sip of my drink when I came to the part with chibi-sasuke and his ears.. my drink came back out again and mostly through my nose. I don't think I lauged so hard lately. This is truly a funy fic ^^

Thnx for making my day
10/13/2006 c1 2Phantomsnow
that was just cool! i loved it! funny! you should write more about the battle between arashi and sasuke.
10/13/2006 c1 Wind
LOL! this is one of the funniest fics ever! are you going to continue on as sasuke and naruto grows up? it would be so cool!
10/13/2006 c1 2Nymphadorena
oh, this is a nice stroy

but naruto isn't related to the fourth. masashi kishomoto said so in an interview...
10/13/2006 c1 Kaibrows
Oh my gawd. XD I love it!
10/13/2006 c1 akume
Hahaha! ~rolls around on the floor laughing her head off~ That was a great nee fabulous story. I've only read one other story that had a somewhat similar plotline, so it was refreshing to read another. Well, I do hope you add another chapter to your story, but if you don't that's okay as well. Ja.
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