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for Away Mission To Terra Beta

7/18/2018 c1 rita
stay with the story
do not make it tiresome
4/29/2018 c130 Netchka
Wonderfull chapter. The people of Terra Beta are going to have learn how to get along with others or else. Can't wait to read the ext chapters
4/28/2018 c111 Netchka
Great chapter. Vulcans can be very opinionated? people. Soval is quite the character. Onto the next chapter.
1/26/2016 c128 Snowdove30
Another good chapter. Glad they found evidence to free Marcus.
1/26/2016 c128 Katiarange
Politics and diplomacy at their best.
12/25/2015 c127 kahless21
Yippee happy times for the major. Wonderful job. Keep up the good work.
12/24/2015 c127 Katiarange
Well one problem down for X-mas h the season is good to everyone
12/5/2015 c122 Katiarange
Please what happens next? Do they save the Capt. and let him redeem himself
7/19/2015 c122 43dennisud
Wishe 3 of these chapters could make a 3-part longer chapter but Hey I know RL can kick Arse so keep em coming as you can!

7/16/2015 c121 Snowdove30
Good post. Glad that you decided to continue writing and posting. Ignore the detractors keep writing what you want :)
6/2/2015 c120 kahless21
Funny how some a**holes have nothing better to do but put others down. Please ignore said a**hole and keep up the good work. If ever I insult you I wish to apologize in advance. Keep up the fine fight and don't let anyone treat you poorly.

Sincerely, Ray Chambers.
6/2/2015 c120 gymmom
Fire wolf
I am so glad you are finding time to write again. I have read most of your stories and I enjoyed them immensely. You have a talent some of us wish we had. Do not get discouraged by others criticism. Feedback in my opinion should be constructive not destructive. That said, enjoy your writing so we can too.
8/15/2013 c1 HEXER
56 Million ly!? What the hell are you smoking? The Milky way is 100,000-120,000 ly in diameter, even if you don't
know anything about the galaxy Wikipedia has all the info you need, were you to lazy to look or what?
8/15/2013 c116 dennisud
Glad this is still going! Now I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop that either being the Romulans or the Cardassians!
6/6/2013 c115 Katia
hey a break is good give you time to recharge and refocus
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