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11/30/2009 c8 1Rowena1001
Oh my goodness! Hahahahaha! *wipes tears of laughter from eyes* As I write this review it is 2:30 am and I have to stifle my laughter so I don't wake up the rest of my household, but I am quite literally laughing out loud here. This is so funny! I love it! Congratulations on a masterpiece of hilarity.
6/24/2007 c9 19The Pixess
I shant! Especially after such warm recognition! (And who cares if my birthday was over a month ago, this was an excellent distraction from the fact that I'm getting my braces off tomorrow and am going to be in so much pain! ^-^)

Anyway, WORTH THE WAIT! *Is so glad she looked up Le Miz synopsis this morning* Hilarious, I love the bit about, "do i get to kill ppl in this deal/NOT INTERESTED!" and also the couch. I know you worked really hard on the song, so yay! It was worth it! And I don't just say that because *gasp* Tobrich said my name! *FANGIRL SQUEAL*

Thanks so much for the laugh, really needed it. (And I forwarded the url of this story to my friend, she loves both sound of music and sweeney todd. I assure you, I will hound her to review.)

5/6/2007 c8 The Pixess
Okay, seriously. I know the whole concept is idiotic but WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE MORE REVIEWS THIS IS TOO FREAKING FUNNY!

Alternate lyrics: *snuggles them like a beloved teddy bear while the previous holder of that honor- my live recording of Angie and George singing "A Little Priest"- looks on jealously*

Thank you so much for updating don't let the lack of reviews discourage you. People just suck. This was an AWESOME early birthday present (the 15th. you know, in case the random urge to update should strike you then, *wink wink*)

Little suggestion: Next time Waffle bugs Nellie, please make some kind of Mrs. Mooney threat. Actually, I can't remember if you've already done that, but if you haven't I would love it (see cuddle reference above.)
4/12/2007 c7 The Pixess
I. Cannot. Breath. Too. Funny.

The character names are confusing as I don't know what and the whole thing is rather retarded but who cares? Excellent Crackfic. I will never, never, never, be able to listen to "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" again without cracking up.
11/18/2006 c4 46sakuuya
I'm still really not sure what to make of your story. On the one hand, it's really, really odd. On the other, it's pretty funny. On the third hand, script format is illegal on this site, and I think you could make your story better by writing it in story format.

So I guess I'm reserving judgement for a while. So far it's been pretty good, though.

Oh, and, this is a really odd question, but is the Old Beggar Abess the mother of all Von Todd's children?
11/12/2006 c2 HurricaneKomm
My goodness, I think I may have just died laughing. This story is particularly hilarious to theater nerds such as myself, who LOVE Sweeney as well as Catscratch. I love what you did with the songs; it was all very clever. I'm excited to see the rest of this story.
10/16/2006 c1 2Broadwayluv
Very interested to see where this goes. I love how you combined the names; it's hysterical to a die hard Sound of Music and Sweeney Todd fan such as myself.

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