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for Rescuing Darkness

3/10/2013 c15 1Meghan-Black01
Oh yeah /
3/10/2013 c14 Meghan-Black01
I'm loving this bond XD
3/10/2013 c12 Meghan-Black01
Awww! Tom apologized XD
3/10/2013 c9 Meghan-Black01
Yes! Bond! Tom's jealous /
2/13/2013 c18 Melikalilly
I like this story
1/23/2013 c18 ZeoRegrediens
You can't end it there! More!

Haha. Hope you find the time to continue. Lovely story.
1/4/2013 c18 11NotBatman52
are you sure you want to finish this story? its been 3 years...
11/7/2012 c18 RainbowInkWell
so... really going to finish it? No offense of course just the end made me a little fusterated:p
10/7/2012 c18 2Rubellite Game
KEEP IT GOING! please?
7/18/2012 c18 Guest
please continue!
6/1/2012 c18 Ash
heyy r u gonna continue this story? plz plz plz go on this story is sooooooooo foreign to me u no? bt i think i...LOVE it hehehhe plz i beg u to...
4/9/2012 c17 4Jenaminya
I just wanted to say, that you really should mention self-harming habits in the warnings, 'cause reading about them can be suprisingly distressing to them who have had that problem themselves.
4/9/2012 c18 Jenaminya
This is good, I hope that you'll write more soon!
3/9/2012 c18 Shannon the Original
update soon
3/1/2012 c18 jazmynkim
i love it more please
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