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for Rescuing Darkness

7/9/2018 c18 Flawedquirks
17 years it has been, evidently, since you'd last updated this story. I've just found it and I've binge-read it up to this point only to find that there's no more. How sad. It kind of leaves me empty like the ending of the talented mr ripley where tom kills peter. This was a really fantastic fanfiction considering all the fanfiction I've been reading. I've only stumbled onto this 'scrumptious' pairing a while ago and this wonderful fanfic is the best on this otp I've read so far. It'd be really great if you could continue it. It's actually not the first time I've stumbled upon unfinished fic (sadly), but it is the first time I've felt compelled to leave a review. I'd favourite this story forever if it wasn't for the fact that this website is banned from my country (rolls eyes). Honestly, you have a really great prose and I don't know if you've given up writing, or just stopped frequenting this website, but I really hope to read more of this. Preferably in the immediate future. However, I'm not even sure you'll be seeing this. So...well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Because your damned cliffhangers are so bloody good that I know the mystery of what Harry experienced at the end of Chapter 18 is going to keep me up at night.
3/18/2018 c14 Guest
Is it weird that when Tom(Voldemort isn't his name) said he could solve it in dumbledore's face I pictured Tom waving his butt in dumbledore's face
3/18/2018 c12 Guest
3/18/2018 c11 Guest
Noooooooo Remus
3/18/2018 c3 Guest
Aww lord Voldie has fewlings for pwotter and he is so confwused that he is dwinking muggles dwinks
2/13/2018 c18 zoejaneh101
So good plz continue this!
1/24/2018 c18 Duvaind1r
8 years later and the cliff hanger continues, please come back. Your story is too good to not be finished.
(Big, wide puppy eyes that are starting to tear up)
1/14/2018 c11 PhoenixForever2005
Pretty cool.
But I was wondering if u could maybe dial back on the suicidal harry as some people aren't comfortable with that.
1/13/2018 c18 snapecastle96
Keep writing please I love your story.
1/7/2018 c18 trintheclaw
Okay so I know it's been like eight years and I should give up hope for a update but please I really want this to be continued it's amazing and just the perfect thing for me to read. So please update this story.
11/13/2017 c18 xsam3
10/12/2017 c1 2SaiyaCat
9/6/2017 c1 Gurgaraneth
Plz update sn
7/14/2017 c18 Guest
:'( why did you stop it was getting great
7/4/2017 c18 Guest
Update please
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