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10/16/2006 c2 52Catri Howlman-Carthaki spy

that was a random thought.

i like it.

10/16/2006 c2 Ters
Yipie, updates... faster, faster. More, more... :-)
10/16/2006 c2 2Irishlassie101
Well Hello there...so few LVHP plots...

Seems like Tom´s world just got shaken up when he found Harry in such a state...and now...he´s out of plan...and that will be VERY INTERESTING !

Great job

10/16/2006 c1 tttuuu
Interesting. I look forward to reading next chapter :)

Update soon)

Wish you all best, Xenia
10/15/2006 c1 mumimeanjudy
Nice start. More please.
10/15/2006 c1 37WynterRavenheart
Sorry but... this all sound like the usual

"Harry's abused, the Dark lord comes to the rescue and toguether they obliterate the order and live happily ever after" plot.

Can I beg you to put something more on it, a twist or something? And I quite liked the touch of Narcisa being a healer
10/15/2006 c1 4Lamila
I love this story! Voldemort is worrid (I´m not from UK so my english may fail me, Snape is angry, This srory is great. I absolutley love it. I give you a cookie.
10/15/2006 c1 MelodyBlack
Very good!
10/15/2006 c1 36Cut-Wrist Kate
I absolutly love this fic and I demand that you update imediatly.
10/15/2006 c1 judie
Please update soon. I loved this story.
10/15/2006 c1 carpe.slytherin
I'm a biased reviewer, because with so little LVHP out there I am always thrilled when a new one shows up. Still, I like this one a lot more than most. I have been wondering since Goblet of Fire why neither Voldemort nor Dumbledore seemed to realise that the blood wards would be useless. And I especially get a chuckle out of reading creative names for the Order of the Cooked Goose. Thanks a lot for writing and sharing your ideas. I really appreciate it and hope you'll continue!
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