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for Eyes Wide Shut

12/3/2016 c1 mariane
Time has come for Dr. Eziza to be given a better reward for his good works, I was suffering from heart break for almost a month before i was able to get Dr. Eziza contact details which are 2348058176289 and via email: and Dr. Eziza told me that he will be able to restore my broken relationship within 48 hours. After few hours that i contacted Dr. Eziza my lover called me and from there my relationship was restored.
1/8/2016 c4 Guest
O muy mekme a stroke really. I love your work english is not muy language and read this is hard forma me. I see is a loong time to your last post...i wish that you finish. Thanks for shared

7/2/2014 c1 ShyWriterLevel1
Love this and great job, this is only a suggestion but wouldn't it be nice if you (writer) created more or a war between them. You know get Eric to be more out there for her fighting against V. I might sound crazy but if you seen This Means War movie it was great. Anyways, great job
6/2/2013 c1 13EwigeStudentin
Oh my. This chapter is so intense and plain HAWT. I think I was on the brink of fainting towards the end :o
12/27/2009 c4 Cybernetic Mango

I want you to continue this so bad..D:
12/27/2009 c1 Cybernetic Mango
2/26/2009 c4 3sami1010220
i will say, i was very curious as to where this was going...ah well though, good job on what you have here
6/28/2008 c4 firefly
I love your story. Please continue.
3/11/2008 c4 Caitlin
Update please! :)
10/7/2007 c4 873833
Oh my goodness - why haven't I found this fic before?

It's amazing, beautifully written.

I like Evey's brain conversations. :D

Update soon!
8/28/2007 c4 munchkin
OMG! I want more! please?
7/24/2007 c4 Zenrin
Evey is easily as crazy as V.

please continue this...pretty please
7/8/2007 c4 sicilybelle
agh come on add more please v is here i need more !
6/26/2007 c4 nightmistress92
strange but interesting will you be continueing this story?
6/16/2007 c4 belmont-bellamy
LOL. Poor Evey. She just has no idea what it is she is going to do. I know what I would do...I would jump his bones and not worry about anything else.

Wonderfully schizophrenic Padwan. I really enjoyed it.

Miss You.

Your Yoda.
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