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12/20/2012 c19 5WhiteKnight219
Good heavens! An amazing story I must say but a bit hard to find since it was t the middle of the completed van helsing fics list but it's worth it, I absolutely love it. Is there a sequel?
5/12/2007 c19 25Lorien Urbani
Wow! I can't believe this is the end! How about a sequel?*grin*

Anyway, I really enjoyed the last chapter. It was just perfect. It was not soap-opera like (lots of hugging, kissing, and forgiveness), which I liked. The biggest surprise ever-Aleera is now the vampire mistress of Transilvania aka queen Dracula, I mean, Aleera. Very interesting, to put a woman in such a powerful position. Wow! You should really consider writing a sequel! I think we'd all be thrilled by that!

Olala...Gabriel stayed. That can only mean one thing! *teehee* I love the end, ending with Carl's funny line.

Fantastic, Otto! I'm really happy that I could read this story.
5/10/2007 c19 Friend to the Phantom

What a great ending! You have completed another wonderful story! And this a lead into another story...hm? or two?

You have left a couple openings, again a sign of an author with lots of talent and imagination. Weather it comes naturally or planned does not matter because the talent is bubbling out of you.

You are wonderful. Thank you so much for your story!
5/10/2007 c19 9Tre Psycho Vamp
aw I loved the ending...I was so shocked as to how Aleera lived and took over for him but it was still awsome...
5/10/2007 c19 2HughJackmanFan
whoa, it are so End of story...aww poor Gabriel's leg :'(

this is good story, every people love here.

did you try to write other story? Your language is good!
5/1/2007 c18 Friend to the Phantom
This chapter was fantastic! Otto, it was great!The way you portrayed Sabrina was amazing, and leaving Gabriel "melancholy" was moving. I love the way you write! Have I told you that before? Hm? well, I do!

Thanks for all of your hard work and many hours to bring us this -and your others- story.

always your friend and fan,

4/29/2007 c18 25Lorien Urbani
*sob* Oh, how beautiful! Tense, heartbreaking, bitter and beautiful! I never suspected this. I though Sabrina would be glad to be reunited with Vlad and that they would both present a ig trouble to Gabriel. But she, being an amazing woman, saved Isabella and Vlad, though Vlad was a bit reluctant to be saved. I, too, hope that his soul is at peace now...This was just a perfect way to end Dracula's suffering and reunite him with Sabrina.

Awesome, Otto! I can't believe this story is about to end, but I have loved it a lot and I'll enjoy the last chapter as well, though ends always make me sad.

4/22/2007 c17 Friend to the Phantom
Again, a wonderful job!You did a great job infusing Stoker's nuances into your story. Well done! You do a wonderful ob painting a verbal stage for your story with out killing us with drawn out discriptions. I love that I can come up with a complete mental picture of what you are discribing...now, as I see Irena is of the same opinion, you did great with the Dracula's kiss...Wow! Nicely done!

Otto, thanks for the thought. By the way, we went and adopted a cat from a shelter. ..."new life" back into the house.

You are the best!
4/20/2007 c17 Lorien Urbani
I think I noticed the Bram Stoker's elements! *feels proud* lol How Dracula made Isabella a vampire is similar to how he made Mina a vampire. There was no pleas to make her like him form Isabella's side, but she did enjoy his yummy kisses. In Bram Stoker's version, they were on a bed, here they are lying on a coffin inside a pentagram. (Nice touch to Dracula's devilish nature, btw, me likey.) And him making her drink blood from his chest is also a feature from Stoker. AND, they were interrupted by a merry company. The biggest Bram Stoker feature is that Isabella resembles Dracula's dead love, and that he wants her back. Am I right? Did I forget anything?

Anyways, really enjoyed doing this. And I really like your update. In the beginning, there was a bit of humour, which I liked. "Screw this!" You make Gabriel's character really authentic and priceless. Bravo! And go Carl! Hehehe, I also sensed a bit of luv...Well, attraction, at least. Anna and Gabriel are good together.

Now, your description of Dracula's kiss and caresses was really...yummy!:P No, really, I wanted to be Isabella at that moment, which is a compliment to your good description.

Whoah! Mamma, her comes Sabrina! Boy, this does complicate things. Sure, Dracula is happy, and I'd really like to see him happy and in love. I've never seen him like this, except in Bram Stoker's version, but he wasn't happy there. Poor soul.

But What about Isabella? Does she still exist, or is she bye bye for good? And will Gabriel want to kill his sister, though techically, she's dead?

Awesome! Can't wait to read more! WMS!
4/19/2007 c17 TheInvincibleKay
o I heart Bram stoker! hehe, very nice, update soon! Oh and i used to be Lydia Sparrow...
4/9/2007 c16 Lorien Urbani
Yes! Dracula and Gabriel meet again! Can't wait, their encounter should be fun and yet tense at the same time!

Wow, the cemetery sequence was very well-written and very tense. Loved it!
4/4/2007 c16 rose
good job.no matter how long it took it was wroth it.
3/29/2007 c15 TheInvincibleKay
I bloody love this story! i love the fact that it is Van Helsing, but with some Bram Stokerness mixed in! I just bought this wicked awsome T-shirt with a pic a Dracula biting lucy and it says, "'Lucy, Lucy!' I called out in fright. A pale head raised, and from where I was, I could see red gleaming eyes..." i think thats what it said but its in the wash so i cant tell u if that exactly it.
3/28/2007 c16 Friend to the Phantom


“Just a suggestion”.

“I hate mummies”.

Me too!

Castle Dracula sounds like a great place to visit...or not! Just what everone wants is to have their worst memories and fears manipulated.

"Yeah, not much but it took me almost two days to do this. My schedule is really full so few reviews could ease my mind. "

Do not discredit yourself so quickly Otto, the chapter was just fine, and it keeps us interested and looking forward to the next one, whenever you are able to share it with us.

Got it! ~Feeling a little motherly there but you get the idea!

Always looking out for you-Michelle
3/28/2007 c16 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter. I love it. Your story is so well written i wish i had your talent.

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