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3/18/2007 c15 Friend to the Phantom
“Yet”, Dracula said, “but you soon will be. When the clock strikes midnight we shall have a blood marriage here in the castle. I will make you part of my clan, a powerful Nosferatu, and then I will summon Sabrina’s spirit to take your immortal body. I shall have her back and you will become the Queen of the Night”.

Now, I can't say that this plan would make me want to run into his arms and say "I do"...how about anyone else? Something to look forward to I'd say!

"Isabella’s whole body was shaking now. Tears formed in to her eyes and she fell to her knees. She catch Dracula’s cape to her hands and pleaded.

“Please…please, don’t do this. I’m not ready to leave the sun. Please, don’t…please…” she sobbed."


Inspite of that the story is coming along great Otto! :)
3/16/2007 c15 rose
great chapter cant wait to read more hope u dont plan on ending it soon
3/14/2007 c15 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter. Good job. Update soon. I love your story.

3/14/2007 c15 25Lorien Urbani
Great update, Otto!

I really really liked your idea with the spirits and phantoms, and their description: "Isabella hadn’t actually seen them but they were there, for the she had been helped to dress by gentle invisible hands, that didn’t feel like flesh and blood, but more like wind with a will of its own." That was wonderful, really.

And yes, Isabella, now you know what we have long been expecting. And, it's kind of tragic that Isabella won't be Isabella anymore, but she will have to offer her body to Sabrina's spirit. I'm anxious for Isabella! She's not in a very pleasant position.

So, the battle begins. Can't wait to read more! WMS!
3/8/2007 c14 2HughJackmanFan
good and next chapter more, not end!

phew, dracula always...every time I read more too much...

die dracula, no power, no life more, die *mobs* XD
3/7/2007 c14 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter. I love your story. It will be a shame to see it end. I hope you do a part two. Update soon.

3/2/2007 c14 25Lorien Urbani
Olala, does Mr Van Helsing, who was caught blushing, fancy the beautiful Anna? It seems that he likes her, and I mean, LIKE her, in a romantic sense, not just as a strong woman she is. Aw, I have hoped since almost from the beginning that he would fall for her, and she for him. So, he likes her. Does she like him? Like, enlighten us!

And the action begins! They arrived at Castle Dracula. *shiver* *pretends to be brave*:P

I really liked the description of the castle and of the atmosphere just before they saw the castle. Very good.

Great update! WMS!
2/20/2007 c13 Lorien Urbani
Yay! Update!

I wouldn't like to be in Gabriel's shoes, but I would really not wish to be in Isabella's. I wonder what Dracula wants to do with her. Will he makes her his bride?

I'd say she should fight, but after what he did to Verona (love her name, btw), I'd say she should obey. Though, would Dracula hurt Isabella? Probably not. He sees Sabrina in her.

You totally touched me with the first part when Anna said: It's raining. Aw...

2/16/2007 c1 ScarletSeraphim
Hey, this is really good intro, but perhaps you shouldn't call Van Helsing General so much... it might be confusing to readers who you're talking about, you know? But excellent job!
2/16/2007 c13 2HughJackmanFan
hehe sunlight XD Dracula knows often, yes...kill him! *snarls*

and hope more story in the next chapter
2/4/2007 c12 rose
that was a wonderful chapter and im very satisfied,you should have more confidence,you are a wonderful autheress or auther,lol,sorry dont know if your a guy or girl.its a wonderful chapter
2/1/2007 c12 1Tiari Clovis
You have more than two readers.

I really like your story esspecially the chapter's with just Vlad and Van Helsing. I liked the implied friendship between the two as well. I love how you have it how Van Helsing's sister was in love with the count.
2/1/2007 c12 25Lorien Urbani
Why are you not satisfied? Let your readers be the judges! I LIKED the chapter! God, van Helsing must feel like crap, as you have put it with nicer words.:P He feels he failed them all. At least Anna is safe. But Isabelle is not safe! What will Dracula do to her? That's one big cliffie, Otto, and you have to WMS!

And whoah, I can't forget prince Velkan, can I? Is he back to normal?

WMS! I love this story!
1/31/2007 c12 2HughJackmanFan
now I have fear...because this chapter is danger for the hunter and carl...anna?

hope next more =)
1/30/2007 c12 17Ann Kathrynn
I was very excited to see this updated, and I can't wait for the next chapter!
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