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11/14/2006 c4 25Lorien Urbani
Igor, my love!:P I never liked Igor, but he'spriceless for his sentence. " Hehehe, you try to get Igor, Igor gets you, hehe." At first, I started feeling sorry for him, him being deformed and hated by his family. But I very soon changed my mind about this sly man. That was good, Otto. Perhaps it was not your initial intention, but you sure presented Igor well, first as the victim, but then as the malicious man.

Yay, you have Dracula the power of changing the weather! That's cool. I think that wasn't in the VH movie. But I like this power. Cool! Makes him even more...well, powerful!:P

You always describe count Dracula (or Vlad in the past) very well. He is this epitome of power, arrogance, sexuality, danger/attractive danger, the king of vampires. You really capture him well. He's the at his creepiest when he gives commands in this calm, almost patronising voice. And the even creepiest thing is, which only women can understand:P, that he is so freaking attractive then!:P

I know count Dracula wants to make amends for the past. Sabrina was the woman, right?

But what does he want now? What was with that carriage? As I know you won't include his children *shudders at the memory*, it can't be Frankenstein? Or can it be?...But the brides couldn't carry him?...I don't wanna embarass myself, so I'lljust stop guessing.:P

Wonderful! Can't wait for more!
11/13/2006 c4 Hughfan
good stuff
11/13/2006 c4 Friend to the Phantom
Another chapter well done my friend. And, another reader, from Finland even. This should please you!


1/2 of a day...I 'm keeping track for you :)!
11/11/2006 c3 HelioQueen from Finland

"Van Helsing shrugged his shoulders. “I play dirty”"


Yes,I´m a bad rewiewer (how ever it should be written)! but at least I try.
11/7/2006 c3 Friend to the Phantom
I have to agree with Lorien! Maybe we should go check out other stories of the same topic and then when we review, we can plug your story*BIG GRIN*. But, rest assured, you couldn't find two more loyal readers- wouldn't you say!

Otto, you said you were unsure about the action in this chapter, I think you played it through great. You did kept it moving, gave the detail it needed to imagine it and kept VH's humor present.

You have once again done very well, my dear.
11/5/2006 c3 Lorien Urbani
Screw it, Otto! Write for Michelle and me! This story should be a hit. But people just failed to notice it...*sigh*

Anyway! "I play dirty." I LOVE this line! When I read it, I started laughing badly! It's just so good, so Van Helsing-like, expressing his unique sense of humour. Coolness!

The whole chapter was great. I liked it how Van Helsing repeated the features of vampires and werewolfes in his mind. Firstly, you showed that he knew what he was doing, but was still preparing himself. And secondly, it's good for our readers, so that we now what features the vampires have. Some authors change them, so it's good to know what you have in mind. Plus, I didn't know that nosferatu means undead. *shy face* Well, now I know!

Marishka! She died, hehehe. Cool, cause the brides are dumb, and now Dracula will be pissed and there will be showtime! Eha!:P And I like your way of killing the bat lady. In the movie, it was...crappy? Yep, crappy.

Carl rocks! He's such a wanna-be-brave nervous wreck. *hugs to Carl*

11/5/2006 c3 3Lady Wednesday
LOVE Van Helsings's last line "I play dirty" LOL, that was really funny. Great Chap!
11/2/2006 c2 25Lorien Urbani
Hey, Otto! After a long time...Sorry. But I'm here now!

Wow! A great chapter! It's very interesting how you developed not only Gabriel's loss of memory, his recurring dream and all, but added a feature that, at least to my knowledge, never appeared in the movie-Van Helsing wearing a robe during his free time. I don't know, but I like this, perhaps because it's very original, a frut of your imagination, not the director's. And picturing him in that robe...I'd swear he looks pious, like he's never heard of any monsters. Interesting...Cute!:P

Hehehehe, I like Van's sense of humour. That one about Hyde was good. Oh, and him being a babysitter...lol I can see his face, all dour, and him muttering under his breath:"Me, a baysitter. Christ!" lol

Wow, the Order has a picture of Count Dracula! It's probably very old, huh? Like, from the times when Dracula was still, well, normal?

And very interesting. Gabriel's not going there to kill Dracula, but to protect the doctor and his daughter. Woot! Me likey! This is a really cool twist. I wonder what will happen now. I'm sure we can expect some action!

Uh uh! And two women in the story? Two young, handsome ladies? Hm!


10/26/2006 c2 Friend to the Phantom
Hello my friend!

You have really set the stage well for this story. I swear I can see VanHelsing facial expressions. I am really looking forward to this!
10/22/2006 c2 3Lady Wednesday
Luv it!
10/17/2006 c1 Friend to the Phantom

What a wonderful begining! Sorry I did not respond sooner,I printed it and read it yesterday, but didn't get back until now to tell you how very much I enjoyed your opening chapter. Talk about sucking the ready in right away~! Wow! And then this passage:


It was always to this that Gabriel Van Helsing awoke. Every night he had the same dream of snow, blood and death. Every time he saw the dying man’s face and heard his whisper in his ear. He didn’t know why he saw these dreams of being 15’Th century commander of an army. After all it is year 1897 and he is working for the Vatican, killing creatures that live in the darkness.


well this causes eough curiosity alone to keep new readers coming back...

Well done my friend!

Looking forward to the ride this story~and you~ are sure to take us on.


10/17/2006 c1 25Lorien Urbani
Yes! You started posting it!

OMG! The chapter was brilliant. You awoke the scene of the massacre in such a vivid way, I was reading it with my mouth open. So you followed dear old Vlad Tepesz a bit? The impalement and all? That's so cool! I really like the path you chose.

So, this dream, I am guessing it is real but Gabriel somehow cannot remember it? Or am I way too wrong? But how is Gabriel still alive? And how did Vladislaus become a vampire? This is never well explained in the movie, so I'm really eager to read your version. Your versions are always the best!

And who is Sabrina?

Obviously, Vladislaus felt betrayed, and perhaps he really was. That's so tragic, being betrayed by your own. But why? For power and throne? And his father ordered Gabriel to kill Vlad if he didn't want to come home(and probably abandon his ways). That is so sick of his father. No matter what Vlad did, you just can't kill your child. You try to convert them, not kill them! Really god, Otto. You showed Vlad's anger, hatred, resentment, even a bit if disappointment, and hurt cause of Sabrina's death VERY WELL. I liked it.

You're good, Otto. Already with the first chapter, you awoke my interest and I can't wait to read MORE!

Your words: **Firstly there will be no Frankenstein, Dracula’s children, left hand of God or the terrible “only werewolf can kill Dracula” crap.**

Hehehehehe! You have no idea how much this made me laugh! Teehee! OK, I am keeping left hand of God in my VH fic(that I will start posting soon), so sh about this, lol. But all other elements you think are crap...ARE crap. Whenever I watch the movie, I pretend they don't exist. Especially that a rabied puppy (warewolf, lol) can kill Dracula. Dracula! A really pathetic way for Dracula to die.

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