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for The Point of No Return

11/5/2006 c8 3Lady Wednesday
I love Drac's little voice!
10/29/2006 c7 29Ron's Sweetie
Ams Great new chapter.I Love IT. It was very good. Keep going with it please.
10/28/2006 c5 Ron's Sweetie
Ams I LOVE THE NEW CHAPTER. OMG Please continue with it.
10/28/2006 c6 Ron's Sweetie
Brava Brava. Great new chapter. I LOVE IT. Good job. Ams your story is very good. Its so well written.
10/28/2006 c6 7musicalexpert
This is a great story!
10/27/2006 c5 2Riona Winters
*drools*...dracula...in a BATHING suit...*falls into a dead faint*...
10/25/2006 c4 8CiceroGuided
Hehe, I love the Phantom of the Opera.

10/25/2006 c4 7musicalexpert
Yay Dracula! Triple Yay for Erik!

I listen to the song while I read it. lol. I am nuts like that.

Great chapter though. I would send you a cookie, but I dont know how over the computer. So you get a digital one!
10/25/2006 c4 1jjk89115
10/24/2006 c4 29Ron's Sweetie
Brava Brava. I LOVE your new chapter. The songs so cool, and pretty. You have true talent Ams, i wish had your talent. You should become a writer. You are very good at it. My mum, and old teacher Paula Link made me give up my dream to be a writer. But i think you should become a wrietr for sure.

Love Jackie
10/24/2006 c4 3Lady Wednesday
10/24/2006 c3 2Riona Winters
Two words...


hee hee...
10/23/2006 c3 29Ron's Sweetie
Brava Brava. Great new chapter. I LOVE it. It is very good. Keep going with it. PLEASE.
10/21/2006 c2 7musicalexpert
Yay. I want to go to a camp with Dracula.
10/20/2006 c2 3Lady Wednesday
That poor naive girl, don't they teach children not to walk in the dark?
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