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for The Point of No Return

10/20/2006 c2 2Riona Winters
Again, another good chapter. nice job!

I take it by your lack of response, you are not interested in a beta? Well, i was only trying to help...it'd be really easy you know but...whatever, its your choice...

update faster please!
10/20/2006 c2 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter. I LOVE it.
10/17/2006 c1 7Fortune Zyne
Oh boy...
10/17/2006 c1 61Ein Kampf kann eine Lebenszeit
Great chapter. But is seems like you did this in a hurry because some words are misspelled, or maybe you are having an off day.

10/17/2006 c1 7musicalexpert
Yes! Very good. want more.
10/17/2006 c1 8CiceroGuided
Hehe. more plz!

10/16/2006 c1 29Ron's Sweetie
Hey Ams i hope you add a new chapter soon. I LOVE IT. Your story is so cool. I can't wait to see what happens next. I wish i had your talent.
10/16/2006 c1 2Riona Winters
Hi! I just read your first chapter and i LOVED it! What an interesting plot, very clever and unique. Your writing is very good and the style is definately your own; i LOVE it!

I DID notice, however, you have a few errors both gramatically and in spelling...also, why do you have the dialogue written as if it is a script? I.E. Victoria:... Amaya:...? it is something of a turn off and takes away from your story, did you konw that? I'm not trying to be mean, i was just pointing out some things i noticed...you can ignore me if you want! haha..out of curiosity, do you have a beta reader who can correct this for you or help you with it? If you don't, i'd be happy to help you with it! I myself am a beta reader in addition to a writer, but of course, youcan just ignore me...i TOTALLY understand, hee hee...

well, anywho...NICE work and i LOVE your plot, its AWESOME!

if you'd like to contact me, my email is twistedlogic8 (at sign) msn (dot) com. Ignore spaces...

Well, UPDATE SOON! ;-)
10/16/2006 c1 3Lady Wednesday
Awesome! Please update soon! ^_^
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