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8/31 c33 AKS1607
I love this story so much.
8/30 c21 AKS1607
Great chapter. I should have seen that coming but I didn’t.
8/30 c14 AKS1607
I love Guys and Dolls.
8/29 c4 AKS1607
Hahaha. Jane buying hobos McDonald’s. I love this story. This is at least my second time reading it. My husband is in the hospital and this is taking my mind off of it.
7/27 c2 MK543
Oh, ho, hilarious!
2/9 c29 Guest
Elle aussi a rompu le contrat pour divulgation de son état a gw
2/3 c35 LauraR107
I loved this, really good! I usually don’t love books with a lot of profanity but it’s use in this story did not both me.
10/10/2022 c36 Lucy65
I just read the whole story and loved, loved, loved it! Horrible Auntie, fun Georgie, loveable Sean, darling Jane etc were all so much fun. Darcy was sweet, amusing, and sometimes awful. Nicely done!
9/25/2022 c29 Guest
Elle dit en faute qu il a briser le contrat mais elle aussi en racontant qu elle etait enceinte de lui et en embrassantnwick elle ce trouve enfaute bien avant lui
6/29/2022 c35 Guest
Fun read. Thanks!
5/16/2022 c19 tnet
love the storyand your amazing superpowers :D keep up the magic of story telling
5/16/2022 c16 tnet
Daisy is so adorable. thank you for sharing your story
5/11/2022 c37 12poppi
Soooo she never got to learn to drive
3/27/2022 c37 1Pogonia And Medusa
Delighted that this fic was still available when I followed a "favorite stories" link from a P&P fanfic author I respect.

I hope you'll turn your imagination to another P&P fic soon!
3/26/2022 c22 Pogonia And Medusa
Such a sweet story - and laughing my head off as well! Oh, and your Mrs. Reyes/nolds is delightful - Just what ODC needs.
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