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for Charmed: Season 9

11/19/2020 c24 k.manx
I don't get it. Why even have Prue as one of the characters, when she's not even in the story. It's bit misleading.
11/11/2018 c24 FuN FiFi
Holy moly! This fic is fantastic! I've been a huge fan of the original "Charmed" series since its inception and I was dismayed when the show had ended after 8 seasons. But you've taken great liberties to keep "Charmed" alive and show us what a season 9 could've looked like if the show had not gone off-the-air. I love your portrayals of all the characters from the show and even the newer characters that you've introduced in your fic! I also love your overall interpretation of "Charmed" and your execution of turning this story into an epic journey; I mean, the whole time I was reading your fic, it was easy to imagine as if I were watching it on tv right in front of me! You have a real talent for writing so wonderfully and as a fan of the tv show, I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to share your gem of a fanfic for "Charmed" fans like me! Kudos to you on a job very well done! Now I can't wait to read the sequel! :-D
3/22/2017 c1 SilentTimeWatcher
Awesome chapters so far really feels like charmed and finally someone thinks like I think about how chris isn't just half a regular whitelighter. That chapter on the past was nicely wrote and the recurring bad guy fits in well you just know this is going to bite Billy in the ass in the future to come. This was exactly the ff I was looking for. Best part I'm just getting started and got a whole season to go lol.
2/20/2017 c24 kizrock94
Continuing chapters as season 10 would be nice. It's easier for your readers to tune in instead of making it a separate story.
2/16/2017 c24 TheLittleCatmole
I hope you post season 10 soon ... looking forward to it!
2/13/2017 c24 Atiba
looking forward to your next story
2/13/2017 c24 Anth
I'm excited to see the ending of season 9! When you upload Season 10, it should be as a new story though. A 10 year time gap will be interesting. That puts Wyatt and Chris as tweens so I'm sure there will be issues. I wonder what'll bring The Charmed Ones back into the battles after 10 years?
8/14/2016 c1 Guest
love this story please make a season 10
7/15/2016 c6 Frankie
Thanks for being creative with Phoebes powers. The writers and even the comic book writers don't write her powers well. It's like they don't know what to do with her. Kudos to showing how powerful she is
7/1/2016 c23 lizardmomma
Aww...thank you. That means a lot. I might not say more than "good Job" at times, but I have really enjoyed going on this journey with you. I look forward to the next story. I think you ended this very well and left us wanting more and questioning what that shadow was that closed the door. Was it Prue, but she's been recycled...intriguing.
6/30/2016 c23 gabyhyatt
So Prue is recicled
6/30/2016 c23 1IllustrationDog
Fantastic, absolutely fantastic! I'm very excited to see season 10.
6/20/2016 c22 lizardmomma
Wow, what a chapter...well done.
6/17/2016 c22 SunshineWiccanLight
you did a wonderful job with the story i hope we see more chapters from you in near future love it
please write more
5/16/2016 c6 Alisha
Good story
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