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7/22/2007 c12 19Otaku Samurai
Extra crispy! Lol, I like your style! Yet again, great chapter!

(sorry, can't say much more that that...I"m practically being shoo-ed out the door -_-")
7/22/2007 c12 4Hakkai Suiren
Aw...cliffy. _ I love this chapter! It's just so... great? lol Well keept up the good work! And btw..im so suprised that I didn't review your last chapter. D= Anywayz... yah... I can't wait till u update! yay!
7/21/2007 c12 7Uchiha Ryken
Another awesome chapter! I love how you write Ryuuken. He's one of my favorite characters, despite having seen very little of him. Guess I just like watching the cold, calculating people deal with crises.

Sounds like everyone is in store for a tough battle, I can't wait to see how you write them!
7/21/2007 c12 29shadowsinfire
"The chamber is probably his let's-play-God place. I think that'll be the place we go. If he's not there, I'll sit on his freakin' throne until he gets there." ~Brilliant.

But that ending...

Damn you. Write more and soon, kk?
7/21/2007 c12 Oliviax3

First, let me say that I think highly of you for standing strong when you have recived a flame. It takes a lot to look on the good side of something bad... you're an extraordinary writer and whoever says otherwise hasn't read your magnificent work! If you love to write, than you will prevail over some silly comment! I hope you have fun at camp and have a nice day! =)
7/21/2007 c12 2Greyfalcon
Great story. I am enjoying everything about it and I especially like your take on Ryuukun. I do hope that they resolve the situation with Mayuri, I also hope that he stays in Soul Society for a bit...another adoptee into 4th Division, I can see him getting along with the 4th's captain. Better yet, I would love to see Ryuukun and Ishida together in battle against the Aizen's forces, for no other reason than to show the Shinigami what a couple of powerful Quincy can do...I think the would be in for a bit of a shock.
7/21/2007 c12 Guest
Dont pay attention to the flamers! They say you're 'begging' for reviews, but they're just begging for attention. Keep up the good work, I look foward to the next chapter!

you are an amazing writer and I admire that you arn't discouraged by a couple of pitiful flames! write on!

I wish you a good day and have fun at camp!
7/21/2007 c12 ZTX
UPDATE DANCE! ø-dances-ø No! Not a cliffhanger! ø-sob-ø I think I actually got a tad frightened when Gin showed up. lawlz. Oh wows. And Papa Needlepoint is going to save his little boy! AWW! He does have a heart. :D Kyaa! This chapter was so exciting! ø-starry-eyed-ø I hope you have fun at camp! And I think those flames were just going around to everybody, cause I got the same one. What is up with that kid saying Bon Jovi is gay? O.o ø-shrug-ø I onnos. ø-glomptackle-ø THANK YOU FOR UPDATING!
7/21/2007 c12 5andraq
OMG! This chapter is amusing! O.O I was holding my breathe! Great job as always! ^^

Aww...yay for Orihime! Ahh...you don't know how happy I was when I read that she understood who is important to her! There was love behind each action Ishida made towards her and she understtod that! All she need to do is to safe Ishida XD

Hmm..I don't know much about Ishida's father but he seemed very cold...but this doesn't mean that he don't has feelings...he is like Byakuya, hiding his feelings I mean. After all Ishida is his son and it's normal to get worried about him right?

Wow...I can't wait to read more of the GinxRukai fight! OMG! I was holding my breathe at this part! I just love it! I can't wait to read more! Let Rukia kick his butt! ^^

No! The evil cliffhanger! Damn! Why? Will Ichigo win? What will happen? Damn! I must know...

Have fun at your camp ^^ Please update as soon as you can when you come back ^^
7/21/2007 c12 8Anthony1989
Essence is officially Extra Crispy, thanks to a handful of flames. I guess last chapter really sucked! (grin)

Damn flammers, well I liked the last chapter and this one. This had some good action to it and I can't wait for the next one.
7/14/2007 c11 3Maggie Cohen
I loved the last line of this chapter! I really think Orihime could kick serious ass if she wanted to.

This story is so good! I can't wait to see what happens next!
7/11/2007 c11 3AlleluiaElizabeth
Hehe, this story is awesome! ^^ I love the last line in this chapter and it completely worked. Orihime is clearly gettin' serious now and Myuri better watch his six. XD

I also love how you have kept everyone in character through this whole thing. Very well done. :) I especially loved your Byakuya, cus it made me laugh. Poor guy. His sister loves the last guy in the world he wants her to. Ain't it always the way? Haha! Ukitake was great, too. :)

Keep up the good work! Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/11/2007 c1 DaFlAmEr02
Tch, this story sucks just like a vacuum. As a veteran flamer and Lt. of the DaFlAmErS -1 Squad, I'll be terse at this. Your fic fucking sucks ass.
7/11/2007 c11 19Otaku Samurai
It's been a while, hasn't it?

You can't say much after you've already said, so, with a shrug, once again, great chapter like always. Yeah, I specifically liked the last line. The chapters have gotten longer, have they not? Lol, I read half yesterday and half today.
7/9/2007 c11 Enigma
your story is really nice... love it!
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