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7/3/2007 c11 ZTX
ZOMG. That was an AWESOME chapter! I could almost feel Orihime's terror when she saw the vase! AWESOME! Well, not awesome that she had the crap scared out of her, awesome that I could feel it. lol And I love how Nemu was like "I don't want you to die. And I don't want him to die either." So cute! Oh! Quincy papa gon' be pissed! lol Papa Needlepoint. Now I'm just rambling... AWESOME chapter as always! :D
7/3/2007 c11 7Uchiha Ryken
Another excellent chapter from Alaena Night! I really like the scene between Orihime and Nemu! My favorite lines from that part were when Orihime was talking about a "jiffy" and when she described Ishida. I don't know that many guys who wear bracelets either, lol. And I like how you put in a reference to Sora. One thing that you do really well in your fics is making good references to outside characters, events, and themes. I waited a long time for this chapter, and checked for it almost every day! Of course, you put it up yesterday and that was one of the only days I didn't check because I was so busy writing my own fic!

But I digress. The only problems I saw were in the second paragraph. It was a bit hard to understand. Why did he taste copper after biting his lip? Also, "It was logic kept him from allowing his fingers to grab his weapon," should there be a "that" after "logic"? That sentence as a whole was a little confusing.

But other than that, everything was good, I love how you really get into the characters' minds and personalities! Keep up the amazing work!
7/3/2007 c11 animejunkie2006
Once again I loved this chapter. I agree with you about innocence having thorns and I can totally see Inoue siccing Tsubaki on someone. Although I am not following the manga as I just haven't had time to keep up in ages, I am still loving you story.

I am sad to hear it is going to end soon. This has been one of the very few stories that I have really enjoyed following. W

Well good luck with the rest. I am looking forward to it.
7/3/2007 c11 5andraq
Ohh my...Mayuri sure knows Ishida's weak spot! The damn bastard! Ishida can't kill him because Mauyri will order Nemu to kill Orihime...this man is evil. And he is creepy...But whatever I say, he is holding the cards, Ishida can't so anything (for now)

Aww..poor Renji...it's sad that he still loves Rukia and knows that she can't return the feelings, but he can't contol his heart. So he will hide his feelings and help her with whatever he can. He is a good friend...

Wow...Nemu is a good character, I liked the her, she is not like her "father", she don't want to kill Orihime, she can clearly see that Orihime is a good gilr and likes to help people so...I'm not suprised that Nemu decided to not kill her.

I love Ukitake(I think I said it before), he is my favorite captain, he is so kind and caring. He still worries about Rukia but know that she can take care of herself and she has a strong orange head with her. ^^

OMG finaly! Orihime finaly understood that she has feelings for Ishida! It was always Kurosaki kun this, Kurosaki kun that! Uhh...finaly that girl understood who really is more important to her! yay for IshidaxHime! ^^

Please update soon!
7/3/2007 c11 28virtualailee
Hello! Ryuuken is going to make a come back! I'll be looking forward to it!

So it seems that this will soon come to an end... aww... so I'd like to say (before the end comes) that I enjoy your story a lot! So all the best!

Ai Lee
7/2/2007 c11 guardian-angel910
Good chapter. Try to update as fast as you can! Summer can be busy. Some people get to sleep, others are out running around for a vacation. Not that it's bad, it's just busy.

That would be really cool if Orihime did actually sic Tsubaki on some random person who got in her running path, chasing down Ishida. I'd love to see that!

Ok well update ASAP anyway. and keep up the good work.
7/2/2007 c11 8Anthony1989
Just one thing, don't ASK for reviews or be unsure of yourself. DEMAND reviews and boast your greatness. That's my advice for life.

Ask for the chapter, nice work as always. Correct and wit little flaw, you do a wonderful job. It's not only accurate, but entertaining as well. Funny and with good action, this chapter is quite a god read. Any corrections would be concerning minor grammer mistakes. The story is so good that to try and "correct" it would be like trying to shine a lake with sandpaper.
7/2/2007 c10 Anthony1989
Ukitake raised an eyebrow. "Ah, but Kuchiki-taichou would be the better person to ask about Rukia."

"No way in hell!"

Ichigo tried to get along with Byakuya Kuchiki, but he "dissed" him. He's like cold stone while Inoue is hot glass. Anyway, good chapter and I'm moving on to the next one as I type.
6/23/2007 c10 R.M
Wonderful story! I think that the characters are really well written and true-to-form, and that the plot flows very seamlessly. And I don't think that there's any problem with the length of the chapters; in fact, when I get to the end of one, it didn't seem long at all, and I often wish there was more.

Thanks for taking the time to write this story, and I hope that as you continue, it offers you, as the writer, as much enjoyment in writing it as it has so far.
6/15/2007 c9 Anthony1989
"If I said that I enjoy embarrassing Ishida and generally putting him through hell, would anyone think I was messed up?"

Ishida's cool, if you need someone to screw over screw over Inoue. She's so annoying, I hate people who try and screw over a good relationship (Ichigo and Rukia). I must be messed up, because I grinned and laughed in such a way when I read Inoue's inner pain that Hollow Ichigo would be proud.

There's just something about her that I don't trust...I can't quite put my finger on it. Anyway...great chapter. I am looking forward to the next one.
6/15/2007 c8 Anthony1989
Good, good. Nice action so far, am eager to read further.
6/15/2007 c7 Anthony1989
Too bad they don't have a iner hollow to help them like Ichigo does. Anyway, good chapter.
6/15/2007 c6 Anthony1989
You have a point. The poor Quincy would have shit for self esteem if that was the case. Anyway...good work and stop being so hard on yourself.
6/15/2007 c5 Anthony1989
The only person you're killing is yourself! Haha, anyway it was another good chapter.

"It's not my fault if General Yamamoto burns you to a crisp for this."

Best part comedy wise.
6/15/2007 c4 Anthony1989
Wow...who would want to beat you with baseball bats? Let's beat THEM up with baseball bats! Anyway, the author's notes was good comic relief and the chapter was well done.
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