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6/15/2007 c3 8Anthony1989
Ishida was lucky he did not get captured for study. Anyway, short but good.
6/15/2007 c2 Anthony1989
Another good chapter. The near death was convincing and realistic. You're without doubt a great author.
6/15/2007 c1 Anthony1989
Nice story so far, very nice. Ishida and Orihime are well done and true to their true selves potrayed in the animie and manga. I personally do not like Orihime and think she should lay off Ichigo. She's better off with Ishida, which is just what you're doing.
6/14/2007 c10 animejunkie2006
Yeah! I loved the continuation of this story. You don't need to apologize for the length. Your writing is not boring. It may not always be packed with action but that doesn't make it a bad story. I'm with Ichigo though. I do wish Ishida would start standing up for himself. He is more like Orihime than he realizes. He only looks to saving others, never himself.

I agree with you on Hime's feelings for Ichigo. I never got the feeling that she was in love with him. I think she idolizes him more than anything. I never felt that she really "loved" anyone. I am thoroughly enjoying the thought of Ishida and Hime together though. I hope they soon come to realize there is more between them than simple friendship.

I can't wait to see how this progresses.
6/14/2007 c9 animejunkie2006
OMG. I finally was able to return to your story after being too busy to take the time and I just love how you have developed Ishida's character. He is so shy but at the same time he makes small steps that seem to go unnoticed even to him. I am constantly cheering him on.

The part where they were picking flowers. I started laughing at how whipped he was at that point. Ishida picking flowers. It was so sweet.

As for writing Unohana and Byakuya, I think you did just fine. I laughed my butt off when Byakuya turned around "his posture just screaming better-than-you". That is so him. Everytime he shows up I just want to smack him.

Anyway I can't wait to read the next chapter. I guess that is one good thing about being away for so long. I have two chapters to enjoy at once. Keep writing. You have a real talent.
6/6/2007 c10 7Uchiha Ryken
I finished reading what you've got up last night at 3, but I was gonna wait to review until after someone else had (I didn't want to review twice in a row). But I can't wait any longer lol I think the story is great so far. The only thing I kind of want changed (but if it's contrary to where you wanted to go, then keep to your path, it's your story) is Uryuu's strength. You've kind of written him out to be not as... I don't know what word I want to use... useful? In the manga, as soon as he saw Jiroubo about to attack Orihime he went into full Quincy mode, bow flaring, but here he hasn't done much actual fighting where he proves how strong he is. I don't know if this is intentional or not, maybe he's supposed to be a little off because of his feeling for Orihime, just something I noticed while reading. Don't take it harshly or anything, because it definitely wasn't meant as such. _
6/5/2007 c1 Uchiha Ryken
Only read the first chapter so far, but plan on reading the others. Your plea for reviews caused me to write this now, usually I would wait til I read everything that was up. I like it already, I think you're keeping them in-character so far, I've been waiting to read a good Uryuu fic.
5/27/2007 c10 sphekie
I luv ur story. This story is soo amazing and i can't wait for your next one. Good Job!
5/24/2007 c10 2larsha
pls update soon
5/23/2007 c10 Shezel
There's nothing wrong with it being long just as long as its not boring, which it wasnt ^_^. All the scenes with Ichigo seemed to add humour to the chapter so i enjoyed it. I can also see your point about Inoue becoming a stronger person and how it would make a whole lot of difference to her character keep building on that. Til next time update soon wanna read more laterz!
5/21/2007 c10 5andraq
You updated! Great! Ok enough talking, on the review:

Ohh my...Rukia thhought that Ichigo was cute while he was pouting? BUHAHAAHAHA Gah! This killed me! ahhahah But he is handsome so I can't balme her...^.^

Ohh...Ichigo and his temper! If Rukia is not with him he will get into trouble! He is way too stupid!

Ohh...when will Orihime see that Ishida is much better for her! First: Ichigo is taken, second: she knows that she can't reach Ichigo and third: Ishida is someone that can make her feel special! She just need to close the old book and open a new one!

Aww..so sad! Orihime wanted to be with Ichigo but she knows that she can't...she wanted to change the past..to reject it with her powers but she knows that Ichigo loves Rukia...she can't separate two hearts...it's sad really...her love is one-sided but I still think that Ishida is better for her. No matter how bad I feel about her I can't say that she deserves Ichigo...she just can't bring the life and happiness in his eyes like Rukia does...

Ishida tries everything to make her feel better which is sweet of him! ^^

I love Ukitake! Don't know why..I juts love him! He is so kind! No wonder that Rukia respects him! And no wonder that Ichigo went to speak with him...adn Ichigo will do anything to keep Rukis safe...

Aww! I love what Ishida thinks of Orihime! It's true that she is pure..she is a jewel...and she is a jewel in his life!

Ohh my...can't these people leave Ishida alone! So he is a Quincy, big deal!

Hmm..Finaly! Ichigo saw Ishida! And I must say that Ishida is right here: when Rukia is with Ichigo the plan won't be that stupid...ahahahahah

What! This freak did something to Orihime? What! OMG! Ishida better save Orihime...

Please update soon!
5/21/2007 c10 Pyromoogle
You have captured my attention!

That was awesome, I do hope something good happens in the next chapter though.
5/20/2007 c10 3Tasi
No, no long is good. But seriously a cliffhanger? I'm gonna go completely crazy waiting for the next chapter. So please update soon. And great writing by the way! =)
5/20/2007 c10 piwqefjk
I love long chapters xD *kills Kurotsuchi* The talk between Ichigo and Ukitake was great - I'd love to see what happens once he and Rukia have gone and people start getting suspicious; namely, what Byakuya and Renji would try to do :D
5/19/2007 c10 1CrystalRaindrop007
"Someone forgot to take their happy pill!" Lol! I love it! Ichigo and Ukitake! Ishida and Ichigo! It's funny when they get talking/arguing! This was an awesome, long chapter. *Huggles it*

Happy pills make me happy. =P

I love Ishida's thoughts, Inoue's feelings, and the IchiRuki moments!

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