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5/19/2007 c10 4Hakkai Suiren
this is a great story. =) keep it up and i think that this chapter is also great because of how u set things into place for the next chapter. =) like the conversation between Ichigo and Ukitake. then it leads to ichigo and ishida..and THEN to ishida and Kurotsuchi-taichou. love ur story so update soon! =]
5/19/2007 c10 ZTX
ARGH! I hate Mayuri! What did he do! Aww, poor Ishida! I could just see that part where he was listening to Inoue and he pressed his head against the wall with his eyes shut! So sad! And so cute at the same time! SO GOOD!
5/18/2007 c10 7xXsilentxwhisperXx
It's absolutely unacceptable for me to have been a day late in reviewing, so please forgive me ^_^'

It definitely wasn't boring at all, and the length was, in my humble opinion, an added bonus :)

Anyways, you write all of the characters exceptionally well, and Ukitake's little cameo in this chapter made me smile. He doesn't get enough air time anywhere, and when he does, it's usually not very canon, so you're amazing for that.

I really hate to say this, but Orihime isn't one of my favorite characters, but I do agree with you that her weird infatuation thing with Ichigo is probably because she needs to be needed. Perhaps it's because her brother died when she was minute? xD I'm reading too much into this...Damn archetypes...

But yeah. It was good :) But I do have a question: was the shinigami that confronted Ishida going to be around more often, or was he just a one time little insert for plot development between Ishida and Ichigo's excruciatingly bizarre relationship?

Excellent technical everything, as usual.

Again, do well on your GED!


~ Whisper
5/18/2007 c10 6Teh Squee-Chan
Kyah~ Ukitake~ I love him so~ XD But again, I love all the characters... almost. Darn your cliffhanger! Darn it! T_T

I'm devotedly readning this at 12:30 AM and it ends? WHY? ;_;

XD But another well written chapter by you! You're so talented! Update son! I must know what happens!
5/18/2007 c10 5FlareX3
Just read your story. Very well written is the least I could say. I've read some of your other works and to tell you the truth, your writing is what got me into reading Bleach fics. Personally, I think the strongest point in you writing is how you display each character's emotions. It gives it a sense of realism.
5/18/2007 c10 19Otaku Samurai
Wow, so much angsty romance! That was a fast update! (or, well, I've had too much freakin' school work to notice)

The upcoming parts with Mayuri and Uryu are going to be really interesting...I really hate that guy...a lot... Yup, like no. 1 on my hated anime characters list. If only Uryu shot him in the head in that one episode!

Er, long chapter, yet great! Always, looking forward for more!

Man, I still haven't posted my IshiHime fic yet (internet has been down for a while) and after reading yours, mine seems sort of sucky...
5/13/2007 c9 Shezel
Lovely chapter i enjoyed it the hint of sadness does add realness, but you feel it for ishihime cant wait til they get together ^_^. The characters are in check as well great job. Update soon laterz!
5/10/2007 c9 1CrystalRaindrop007
First thoughts: Sheesh! That's a long chapter!

Second thoughts: I love you. (In a completely sisterly way)

Third thoughts: This chapter was awesome! *Huggles it* Sorry it took me so long to get around to reviewing it, though. *Winces* Hanatarou is so fun. And the monstrous rat ghost had me struggling not to laugh, for fear of waking mom. But The Byakuya part was the best. Please update ASAP! *Like... right NOW?*

Forth thoughts: Nothing really, but I love your story, and since I have spoilers (Heck, I helped you come up with the storyline) I want more now!

5/9/2007 c9 3nanimo
I love reading your story, please continue! :3
5/9/2007 c9 Otaku Samurai not Logged
DON'T LISTEN TO THAT BASTARD PRICK WHO REVIEWED! YOUR FIC IS ONE OF THE BEST I HAVE EVER READ! Damn, my dumb ass friends are super retarded T_T'' I almost punched him in the face for that too...I guess it was sort of my fault for showing the prick this site... and my favorites... I'M SO SORRY! (On hands and knees)

On a lighter note, thanks to you and other IshiHime authors, I have started one myself! I don't know what its called yet...hell, or the plot, but I HAVE finished chapter one. So...yeah... I haven't posted it yet though. SO SORRY ONCE AGAIN! :[ (Man I feel really bad.)
5/8/2007 c1 major havoc8
This was a good story. Keep writing! Hope to see more of your stories... BAKA FORCE !WOOT WOOT! DONT LISTEN TO THE MORON WHO REVIEWED THAT F*ED UP REVIW..
5/8/2007 c1 2FMAandWolf'sRain
-_-' Please excuse my two friends...^_^ I read your story and I thought it was really good so far. ^_^
5/6/2007 c9 Deerdryad
I love this! Hurry with the next chapter. Also, the story flowed very well, and the description is very well thought out. I didn't spot any spelling mistakes, and I don't think there are any, but I might be mistaken. Keep up the good work!
5/6/2007 c4 Deerdryad
Funny authors notes, AND A REALLY GOOD STORY! The writing flows really well, and I can't spot any spelling mistakes!(which is all I'm good for anyway) On to the next chappy! Also, (hands over a cookie) try it, I just made 'em. ^o^
5/3/2007 c9 Fields of View
haha I thought Byakuya's thoughts were quite precious ;) aww. looking foward to see how this fic goes!
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