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9/27/2009 c11 sakR9
Does there really have to be a fight? Can't Ishida and Inoue just pick some more flowers and roll around in the fields?

9/27/2009 c10 sakR9
Huh? wut happened there? Ishida kidnapped? :o
9/27/2009 c9 sakR9
"And this is Ishida-kun! He sews!"


'Byakuya and Ishida stiffened at the same time. Girl talk. Very dangerous, indeed.'

You are amazing 3
9/27/2009 c8 sakR9
Oh nu! Poor them :)

Love that they're getting closer...Ishida has to say something to Orihime! :D
9/27/2009 c7 sakR9
B-b-b-but why? Why are they going to the Soul Society? Why not just stay in their world and nuture their love?
9/27/2009 c4 sakR9
I would never flame or beat you with those baseball bats as your AN says. :) This chapter was good... and yes obviously there has to be IchiRuki since the main characters of the fic are slebbing in a bed :)

Hopefully they're do that together later :3
9/27/2009 c3 sakR9

Father and son should be filled with love!

Hope Uryuu gets better soon. This is quite unexpected I have to admit... I thought Orihime would somehow get help for him and then she'd be nursing him back to health :)

But... doesn't seem like it? Next chapter~
9/27/2009 c2 sakR9
Great chapter... lots of emotions...

I wonder what Orihime is gonna do and where she will take him? :)
9/12/2009 c13 jessie
yu hav gt tu finish please emal m on please
9/11/2009 c12 jessie
hey i love the way u write! Its gt me hooked. I would hav reviewed after each chapter bt i was too hooked to stop and say thankyou! Hw selfish of me :( i love the way your bring ishida & orihime together, its coming along so natural. Its awesome and the way you describe the relationship between ishida and his dad is absolutely great! Im hooked on every sentence, im sorry to say that i skim through your ichigo & rukia but youve made me a total lover of only ishida & orihime. Im really excited to see wat else youve written (hopefully u got someone fr my beautiful renji lol) thanks again! Xo
4/26/2009 c1 2Summerlover01
Oh wow! I'm so happy to have found this story. The writing was superb. I loved the details and descriptions that were littered throughout. Also, you did an awesome job with keeping everyone in character. I absolutely love your writing style. Anyway, this is a very interesting story you've got here. I'm looking forward to seeing how the story progresses.
3/29/2009 c12 20Mags Duranb
Great story! I've just reading two chapters so far but I gonna to read the rest so I'll put in my favorites xD
1/29/2009 c5 LiviaK14
Aww, looks like you abandoned it, huh? I'm not judging, though - It's a shame, but I know how crazy things can get, and I've abandoned my fair share of projects as well :P

Well, for what it's worth, I thought your characterization was near-perfect - which is pretty much the best compliment a fic can get, I think!

The way you built up the Ichigo/Rukia relationship was what impressed me the most, even if Ishihime was the focus of the story and very well-done at that. I think it's because most writers tend to make the paring too mushy, having Ichigo say things like "please don't go" and "stay with me", while I just don't see them that way at all. When your Ichigo stepped aside and said "If you need to, you can go" I had the urge to open a bottle of Champaign and celebrate - because that's exactly what I was looking for. 'Do what you want, I trust you' is the kind of attitude that fits ichiruki best, in my view.

Ishida was my second favorite thing. His cautious confidence and cool-headedness when facing an enemy and his insecurity and over-caution when it comes to dear Inoue-san were all very nicely put.

I'd say, though, that maybe Rukia could've been a bit less supportive of Ichigo's every decision and criticized him a bit. I could easily see Ichigo deciding he would burst into Hueco Mundo and stop Aizen all by himself, but I think Rukia, level-headed as always, would at the very least call him an idiot a couple of times and insist that he wait for Soul-Society's orders, even if in the end you had her give up and decide she would go with him.

Other than that, though, I can't think of anything that bothered me. Even Isshin seemed ridiculously in-character - telling Ichigo to "Go get 'em" and then acting as though he hadn't said anything at all was very Kubo-ish of you indeed XD

Going on my Bleach faves of all times, I loved it, incomplete as it is.

P.S: If you gave up on the manga on account of HM arc's mindless hack'n'slashing (which I can totally understand!), you might wanna give it another chance now - because things are really shaping up. Maybe it'll even inspire you to continue the fic, who knows ^_^
12/29/2008 c13 X-elemental
Read0: Hmm...

Read1: Ichigo is doomed. Hollow or not, it doesn't matter much in a half-dead body. Which is a ...YAY.

Read2: Interesting, RukiaxGin?

Read3: Will Uryuu bleed to death, killed by Orihimie?

Read4: M...babies. Sounds tasty. J/k

Read5: I suddenly feel like wishing to see MayurixRyuuken. And I'm a boy :p.

Read6: Indeed, the manga is horrible.

Read7: *sigh*

Read8: *carve for moar death*

Loved the first chapters, so wonderfully grim...and that's with just one charater. I'm overterrified with glee. :D: .
9/12/2008 c13 1Kuwabara99
awesome awesome chapter!

this story rocks!

Mayuri helping out Aizen eh. interesting

YAY! Vizard Ichigo! ^^

ops. Tsubaki hurt Uryu a bit^^


please please please! Update this awesome story!

The bleach manga is getting better

and at this rate, it will be Ichigo and Uryuu against Ulquiorra to save Orihime^^
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