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11/27/2006 c5 16breadmakesyoufat
I wouldn't say to death, but...

Update soon! I really, really want Inoue to be able to talk to Isida soon! I mean, this is THEIR story, right? Please update soon, that'll help keep people interested if your scared of losing their attention :)

11/27/2006 c5 flona
great fiction

loved it , please update soon

love isida
11/20/2006 c4 2Bista
Great Chapter. Really captivating. One thing though: Ishida's mother was shown, but only once. She died when he was little. Nothing else is known. One question: Is it over? Your author's notes gave that hint, but now I ask you. Anway, great chapter!
11/19/2006 c4 NobleAngel015
really good story! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
11/16/2006 c4 2cherrygirl6

This story uses beautiful language

I love this fanfic
11/15/2006 c4 22KittiKat626
Poor brain. *Pats brain and hands you a bandaid*

Anyway, I really like this! *Throws update party* Took you a while, but it was worth the wait! Yay! I love the part with Ichigo and Rukia and the sugar. :) Reminds me of a new show I caught a few EPs after is started. The main character guy likes 13 spoonfulls of sugar in his tea ... or coffee ... or whatever it is he drinks. :p

Yeah. As a last note - I LOVE THIS!

11/13/2006 c3 KittiKat626
Hope Ishida's OK. If not, I will steal him back from you and hide him in my closet. :D

Anywho, I think Orihime was IC (Though a little different than usual) and I liked this.

I hope that you make a new chapter soon. (Holds up hammer over author's head with evil glint in her eyes) Update!

11/13/2006 c2 KittiKat626
Hi! Sorry for not reviewing lately! I've been spending all my time writing and not reviewing. :D

Anyway, I really like this and really hope you update really soon!

Really! :P

11/7/2006 c3 1CrystalRaindrop007
I love how your characters are done. You do them so well, keeping them IC, while putting them in situations that they have never been in before, so their reactions are completely up in the air, but this is what I imagine them really doing.

I like how Ishida's father is put into this, too. And I hate Mayuri! And you make me hate him more, so there. :P

Anyway, good story and I hope you update soon! *Pokes until author kicks her*

Ouch . . .

11/7/2006 c3 flona
loved it please keep going

boor isida

boor orihime
11/5/2006 c1 raspberry
normally, i wouldnt be reading anime fanfics. but hey... who could say no to BLEACH..?

i lurve the fic already...

and i think ishida is shmeksie...



keep rocking!
11/3/2006 c3 Ururu
Rather dry, but good nonetheless
10/31/2006 c3 NYC
Good graciouss. I love please continue.
10/31/2006 c3 2Bista
I really should have reviewed when I read this the first time, now why was it I didn't? *shrugs* oh well. I like your plot here, and Inoue seems as she would if this were truely happening in the manga; an excellent writing skill of yours it seems. Keep up the good work!
10/31/2006 c2 reader
cliffhanger? d'oh!

by the way, your stories aren't "silly", hah. ^_^
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