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9/11/2008 c12 1Kuwabara99
awesome chapter!

Ryuuken sure is mad. Mayuri really using this time for himself. Selfish punk.

Go Rukia! Beat that Gin!

great. Ichigo caught in the hypnotism
9/11/2008 c11 Kuwabara99
awesome awesome chapter!

evil Mayuri taking Uryu with Hime used to halt his attack

glad Nemu is understanding

hehe. Rukia got her hair messed up by the captain

LOL Sentaro and Kiyone should just get a room. their fighting is almost like a love dance^^
9/10/2008 c10 Kuwabara99
another great chapter!

lots of Shinigami really hate Quincy. He should show them all!

dang Mayuri... being evil with Uryu as usual
9/10/2008 c9 Kuwabara99
another great chapter! Orihime healing^^

flower picking. Uryu having fun with that.

uh-oh^^ Orihime hearing about Rukia wanting Ichigo. DUNDUNDUN!

hahahahaha poor Byakuya being used.
9/10/2008 c8 Kuwabara99
nice nice!

very nice work!

poor Hime. got a cut. Uryu very protective^^

HAHAHAHA I love that "We come in Peace" line.

reading more!
9/10/2008 c7 Kuwabara99
nice nice!

Uryu got more backstory on his mom.

Orihime got her pins back and healed him^^

Off they go! nice work
9/10/2008 c6 Kuwabara99
nice chapter!

I like your development of their relationship now^^

real good stuff! Ill be reading more shortly!

Ishi/Hime and Ichi/Ruki FTW!

I dont want Ishida to be her second choice either. though if Kubo fails us, Nemu would be his only other choice I think lol
9/10/2008 c5 Kuwabara99
another great chater.

seems everyone is checking on Uryu

and Renji comes to scoop Ichigo and Rukia up lol

nice nice work!
9/10/2008 c4 Kuwabara99
another awesome chapter!

seems Uryu's dad has a mind crisis on his hands

nice name for the mother^^
9/10/2008 c3 Kuwabara99
awesome chapter! so much emotion!

poor Orihime. leaving Uryu when she didnt want to.

Dad really scared Mayuri away there :D

nice work
9/10/2008 c2 Kuwabara99
another great chapter!

love the flashbacks being connected to his situation

Mayuri showing up... what a kick in the face
9/10/2008 c1 Kuwabara99
Im a huge Ishida/Orihime fan!

very nice chapter! Very nice^^

lots of emotion. gonna read more!
8/14/2008 c13 Runendf
Wahh. I was so happy to find a story that's finally well written and has a coherent train of thought and you haven't updated in so long! /sobs

Finish it soon! :D
7/30/2008 c13 17Irma.Arisa.Laye
Mayuri is such a stupid crazy b**t**d!

i must say,.,. i really hate him here,,.. *grr*

i'll be waiting for more and i hope you'll be able to update soon! ;D
7/30/2008 c12 Irma.Arisa.Laye
all i can say is,.,.


Isshin why dont you go ahead and do as what Ryuuken will be doing,.,.

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