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8/2/2007 c1 18A Paper Moon
Aww... I love this story! I just got into Bleach and surpsingly, my favorite characters aren't the lead roles Ichigo and Rukia... I love Orihime and Uryuu! Keep up the great work!
8/1/2007 c11 8Dienekes
Still very distinct characters... I love how you portrayed Rukia's captain... some strange off-beat humor thrown in, although done a bunch, still does not seem to be artificial.

Action? hehe... we'll see how you hold up.
8/1/2007 c12 1NeveR ForsakE ME
Boo. Who the hell made up cliffys anyway. *sniff* I hope Uryuu's okay! *tear*
7/31/2007 c9 NeveR ForsakE ME
Uryuu is so adorable and innocent I feel like pinching his cheeks and shrieking in his face! And I love how he's trying to make Orihime happy, but not on ignoring how he feels. But, hey, I wouldn't want to share my feelings to somebody I like, who happens to like a friend of mine... that just hurts. But I love how he's trying to keep making her happy. That's just so cute!

Other than that, I think your doing a good job on characters. This story is awesome- so far. Dun dun duh.

I would actually love to see Uryuu and Orihime together. I would love to see Uryuu blushing overall! Ahh I can picture it! [Shrieks!]
7/30/2007 c12 Kayla-Chan
Please Update Soon! I love this story!
7/27/2007 c12 Shezel
Both chapters were nicely written and action pack so glad Nemu told inoue about mayuri's plans even though it could cost her life. Ishida's father to the rescue aint that nice wont ishida be shocked, plus with orihime on the scene he wont hold back taking out mayuri good stuff ^_^. Well hope you have a nice time at camp and i'll be waiting for your next update laterz!
7/26/2007 c12 2The December Project
Can't thank you enough for your kind reviews, especially on such an assuming little story as mine. It's nice to be recognized by someone I so deeply admire.

I'm sorry I'm a terrible person. (I've been reading this since my fellow author told me of it, but I'm terrible at writing decent reviews.) Anyway, I can't explain how wonderful this story is. Each character is richly developed, perfectly written and utterly alive in every way. You have a mastery of character that I've never really seen before. You seem to know exactly what each is thinking.

Which is why I didn't really believe that there could possibly be a flame for this. I had to look at who could possibly send a flame and for what reason. The reason was... there was no good reason. Anyhow, I couldn't care less who *wants* reviews. As far as I'm concerned, a great author deserves to be recognized as being great. Your writing style and characterization are perfect, and that's not even to mention the actual content of the story, a compelling and well-developed plot.

I'll try to review more often, but please keep up the excellent work. I can't wait for the next chapter.

7/25/2007 c12 8SSJBardock
Sorry I haven't reveiwed the last couple of chapters. I haven't had internet access in a long time. They were good though. This chapter was good too. It will be interesting to see how Ryuuken deals with Mayuri. If Uryuu escapes it would make for a good two-on-one battle. Uryuu won't be able to go into the Quincy final form because he already broke the sanrei glove, so he'll need his dad's help. It's a shame that no one told Ichigo about Aizen's release. Now he's screwed. Good stuff.
7/24/2007 c8 8Dienekes
oohh... your writing is smooth enough to read in a continuous stream, but distinguished enough to form complete thoughts without confusion.

God, I'm in lovve. (With your writing)

Get back from Vacation!
7/23/2007 c8 XxMoonxGirlxX
lol, i didnt know uryuu even had a sense of humor X3
7/23/2007 c5 XxMoonxGirlxX
this story is definatley NOT stupid. although im kinda curious to know how orihime lost her faeries...
7/23/2007 c12 2FluffyBiscuits
Ishida's dad would kick ass in Soul Society.
7/23/2007 c1 XxMoonxGirlxX
wah! dont die Uryuu!
7/22/2007 c12 11Padme Nijiri
Cliffies are no fun...but eh...good job with all the suspense you have on going in there.
7/22/2007 c12 6Teh Squee-Chan
Gah! A whole week? O_o Well, by the time you read this, it said week will be over anyway...

Another chapter well written! You're getting much better maintaining the same tone in different situations~ =D *sniff* I'm so proud~ XD Vocab's improving too! Though I still hate cliffhangers. ...love/hate. O_O

meh, I can't help but still love Gin though... even if he is a creepy jerk, he still looks like a kitty~

Update as quickly as you can! And keep up the super-special-awesome work!
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