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for Heaven Forbid

4/9/2019 c1 Francis-rose
I love this
9/16/2014 c1 3The Cigar
Oh please do continue this story! The plot is brilliant, and your writing is so good as well as your caption of the characters. Please continue!
12/9/2012 c1 Guest
11/29/2012 c1 Guest
Would love if you continue this story.
1/22/2012 c1 3HelenSES
Wow. This is beautiful. Very striking and very eloquent. I know you won't update because it has been so long but this would have been the premise of a great story.
8/12/2010 c1 3Animagus-Steph
This is the best damn what-happens-next that I've ever read. I always thought that the end of GWTW was very hopeful. This falls right in line with that belief and it gets my heart pumping like crazy. Instant favorite. So. Damn. Good. (if you'll forgive the euphemism.)
10/16/2008 c1 2Mrs. Rhett Butler
10/13/2008 c1 3BlaqueCat13
Me again...is that it? Will there be more? (Head tilted coyly with a shy smile and fluttering eyelashes and a quiet giggle)
8/12/2008 c1 45Abandoned Account 4815162342
If this is the teaser, then I can hardly wait for the real thing! :)
7/1/2008 c1 Tilde
Very interesting start... Never considered moving on with it? As it gives a whole new twist to the story compared to for instance FTE which build on part of the Scarlett sequel.
4/7/2008 c1 50PrincessAlica
is there no more?

It so good I need more!

Pretty PLease!

I know the last time you posted was 2006, but I would love to see where you were going with this one.
3/22/2008 c1 BonnieBlueTwo
I just happen to come across this … and saw that you were the author so it got my attention. After I read it I saw the date, it has a great start... wondered if/when you are going to add to it. Pity if you don’t, I like it very much.
2/1/2008 c1 11EugeniaVictoria
10/17/2007 c1 Isabiena Menas
i'm so interested and excited to read this!
7/16/2007 c1 4oldsoul01
This was very good, I was just wondering if you were going to continue. Well done.
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