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for Good Morning Romania

3/11/2007 c2 22Chelsee6

sorry, fficial fan fic welcome, it's 'the international cry of fan boy/girl' and as you can tell by quotation marks i a m qutaing,. you can look it up on wikipedia, i think it's still there. bu anyway, brilliant sotry, HUXON! loved it.

are you going to update?

pretty please with a cherry on top, and chopped nuts and what ever else you fancy
11/11/2006 c2 165Doctor Addison Montgomery
Great chapter! Its a really good fic! Sorry for not reviewing sooner!

Thanks so much for all your lovely reviews, I really appreciate them!

Update soon!

xx Vikki xx
11/4/2006 c2 stacey
is there going to be anymore chapters if so reply to my e-mail address please
11/2/2006 c2 Ellis
Loved every bit. I wouldn't change a thing! Nice work!
11/1/2006 c2 58Skate-815
really gd two chapters

the 2nd one was especially funny

hope to read more of your stuff soon
10/25/2006 c1 Sacha
Hay thanks for your review it was sweet! LOL...I am in the process of another one so if you don't want to miss it then add me to ur alerts!

Also when you said the shower bit was interesting is that in a Gd way! lol :-)

thanks again

Luv Nixonsparkle AKA: Sacha! xx
10/23/2006 c1 165Doctor Addison Montgomery
Good opening chapter! I like this a lot and I could totally see Sam poking Phil awake! Update soon!

Vikki x
10/22/2006 c1 1nixon-sam
this is really good keep it up :D

fi xx
10/22/2006 c1 FashionIsUgliness
Good start! What's coming next. Smiles, :)Sam.
10/22/2006 c1 10chicken160688
hehe pig in poo, made me laugh. great start, hope you are going to continue.

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