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for The Life of Perry Malinowski

12/25/2008 c2 dartz841
Meeting up withe veryone is she?
12/25/2008 c1 dartz841
This is an extremely random topic for a stroy
3/8/2008 c2 Gjay512
um..peanut butter and carrot sandwiches are NOT DELICIOUS...
3/8/2008 c1 Gjay512

hm...tht was a random ending...but good start

btw hws skool?
9/15/2007 c3 2finaldestination.person
I liked your story.
3/17/2007 c2 5Lone Archer
Woww... Yay, I loved Perry in the movie and I'm happy you chose such an unknown character. BTW, if she was born in China, her last name wouldn't be Malinowski, immigration officers would change the last name to sound more American/easier to write so it'd be like:

May Ling Shee

Or something like that. I have a cousin named May Ling.
1/9/2007 c2 snowboarder9
great going so far. keep it up!
1/9/2007 c1 snowboarder9
great chapter. keep it up!
12/21/2006 c2 writergurlLW
This is a nice story and it's pretty interesting that you've chosen to write about a very minor character. That is something I usually do. Their were a few spelling errors, but they were easily ignored.
11/26/2006 c2 1LustfulPear
Another really good chapter. Please update as soon as possible!
11/25/2006 c1 LustfulPear
That is really good! Please update soon! :)

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