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11/9/2018 c1 Lizzy G
Oh, my sweet beautiful Data! He will survive! Screw Nemesis! Lt. Commander Data Soong will survive! We are all in this together.
9/4/2012 c14 Lt. Cmdr. Nan
Hilarious! I loved the bloopers, I loved the entire story. Really enjoyed reading! In fact it's well past beyond midnight and I just finished reading, couldn't stop... Guess if your story was a book you'd call that a page-turner... Congratulations!
6/3/2012 c14 27kncrowder88
This is good. Like the bloopers.
5/5/2010 c2 No-Rhyme-Just-Reason
I am SO loving this! =) Geordi's reaction to the loss of Data is quite believable, given the depth of his grief and resulting dedication to "things making sense" in, "The Most Toys". This story is poignant, yet sweet and hopeful. I can hardly wait to see what happens next! :)
2/1/2010 c14 43madamwolf
I loved the bloopers, I can very much appriciate them (especially the ones with Q and Data) since I've either done that to people during rehearsal or have had it done to me. It was very funny.

I loved your story too, though I'm not really a Data/Tasha shipper I did enjoy it a lot. Hm, perhaps your warming me up to the pairing. Very good job.
1/2/2010 c13 4AllThatHoldsUsTogether
THIS IS, WITHOUT A DOUBT IN MY MIND,THE BEST STORY I'VE EVER READ. Well, one of. But that's saying something, I've read almost all of the stories out there, and favorited few and review even fewer. Thank you so much, for writing this so well, because I'll tell everyone: I can't stand when a great storyline is ruined by mediocre or even BAD writing. (No offence, I just think that's a waste of talents to come up with a great idea but spend so much time trying to say what you mean... kind of... see, I'm not too good at it either. Oh, well, no one's perfect.) So for me to review AND fave? Almost unheard of! So congrats in a perfect story.
7/26/2009 c14 4AlyssaRosey
The story was so good and the bloopers were hysterical! still laughing now lol
7/18/2009 c14 11Shayne Pratt
I love this story! It is just the thing for someone who has seen Nemessis. And the bloopers at the end were just great! Wonderful work.
7/15/2009 c14 8Kaiba-Kun
great story. Loved the bloopers. Especially the Data/Q ones. My favorite one:


Q’s usual sarcastic face displays a grin. “How are you, Data?”

“I believe I am functioning within normal parameters,” Data says slowly.

Q chuckles to himself. “I’m sure.”

Data studies Q. “Although my…brain seems to be experiencing some technical difficulties.”

“Does that mean you're an idiot now?”

“What? No!”

“Well why not, Brent?”

“Because…because that’s not in the script, John!”

Good job. Are you going to include more bloopers? These were awesome.
6/23/2009 c13 14christinesangel100
That is one of the best stories I have ever read.

Data being taken over by Erik...Christine not wanting to completely destroy Deanna, and so they stop...That was amazing.

I also liked how you featured Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. Thats my favourite Phantom song, so I was pleased to see it in there.

I thought it was brilliant the way they both tried to fight it, but Erik wouldn't let go or give up, and then Data died again...

I love the fact Lal came back from the dead-shows Q can be nice if he tries, doesn't it?

Anyway, as I said, this story was simply amazing.

I really enjoyed reading it, how Erik hated the bright uniform and wore lots of black, how his love for Tasha helped him to overcome Erik...well done!

I'd write a longer and more detailed review, praising this great story, but at the moment it is 36 minutes past midnight, so I think it would be a good idea for me to stop.

Thank you for writing such an amazingly brilliant story(and I apologise for the wierdness of my reviews)
6/23/2009 c7 christinesangel100
I was going to review only on the last chapter, but-The Phantom of the Opera! My favourite musical ever!

Deanna has become Christine? You know, she does actually look quite a bit like Christine.

Anyway, this is great so far! I love how Data is a human and was trying to comfort Tasha but just couldn't understand why she wanted to be alone.

All I ask of You...I saw that and started to think Phantom.

Thank you, for writing such an amazing story firstly, and secondly, for connecting it to my favourite book, film and musical of all time.
6/25/2008 c7 6KaraLinda
Great story!
5/21/2008 c12 trance47
It's so sad, he can't be gone! *Sobs along with Tasha* Need another chapter...
5/20/2008 c12 14swisstony
Great chapter: D
5/19/2008 c12 9Stevonnie-U
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