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2/18/2019 c4 Guest
I’ve really enjoyed reading your fix, it’s so easy to immerse myself in because the characters all seem so relatable and downright real. I like how you’re tackling an abusive relationship, those are really hard to portray correctly and I hope everything turns out well for Jake.
10/7/2016 c5 3Paskuda
It somehow reminds me of the Catcher in the Rye.
Very interesting and original, I know it's not properly finished but I'm already hooked.
11/11/2014 c9 Guest
it is always amazing just how badly people who should know each other can misunderstand a situation/reaction face to face, let alone the potential for disaster with text or email.

I find your teenagers typical of the ones I know: give them a job, an interest, something to keep them busy and they are great; let them get bored... the gray hairs are your own fault :D

thank you for the time you take on the story. I love the descriptions and details of what the characters are thinking, and not just he did this, she did that.
11/11/2014 c5 Guest
Elders and child labor laws?! snort, snicker, laugh. I love the little touches that give your characters life! thank you
7/20/2014 c27 1CharmedOpal
Noo! One of the Chris's died! :(


Aw, Dwight gave Chris his dog tags. So sweet, (:

The Angel Of Death is back! ;D

Aww, all the Chris's comforting each other. :)

Woah, Death-Chris has α cool backstory. An actual ghost/whitelighter. That is awesome.

"Great," Chris groaned. "The only one of me who's sane is the one who's dying at six years old." LMAO!

Lmao, Chris is basically arguing with himself. And ooh, LC is angry against Death.
7/19/2014 c25 CharmedOpal
This version's nickname becomes "Luke" (short for "leukemia") - that's just mean! XD Hairless, LMAO- Oh, demon..

Aww, Demon and Mutt bonding. LC has α little brother?

Jake giggling about Chris' curfew. So cute, :3

I love all these different Chris'. I love finding out their stories behind the names and stuff. I was annoyed when I couldn't read the Harry Potter fic, :(

Eh, Bianca. I probably could have liked her if we had learned more about her and Chris' relationship in the show. But neh, not much fondness there. Its interesting to see her different relationships with the other Chris' though. Demon riling up Perry xD
7/18/2014 c24 CharmedOpal
"I hope I didn't offend His Highness's royal dignity by pointing out that he's actually nothing more than a royal pain in the—"

7/18/2014 c23 CharmedOpal
Ha, I'm starting to like dwight. "Its like magically wetting your bed," ha, xD
7/15/2014 c34 lizardmomma
wow...and those were jut snippets. You would have had a wonderfully written full story here. I think you did a great job with how you laid it all out for us. Thanks.
7/14/2014 c34 CharmedOpal
Ah, so that's how Katie gets her happy (kinda?) Ending. :3

Not much to say, I like how Katie has the whole 'I'm α pyromaniac' thing, hehe. Makes sense:3 -and Wyatt just wanting to help her.

Uhhhhh, I liked the chapter- Paige is awesome, Phoebe irritated me, uhh- yeah. (: (I've gone blank, I can't think of anything to say) xD

Can't wait for the next chapter(:
7/13/2014 c19 12Crystalzap
wow you must have been planning a LONG story
7/2/2014 c18 1CharmedOpal
Aaah, so that's what you meant by 'not full potential' hehe. I'm sad we don't get the full value and all, gotta admit- I wish it was in normal context kinda thing but hey, better then nothing, right? So.. To the lines I liked most in this chapter;

"A whole awkward, heartfelt apology? You're such a girl!" - Ha! Nice, Dwight xD. I'm still surprised with his patience with Chris. That is one dedicated friend.

"Look, dude, no offense but I already have a grandpa, and I'm not looking for another one." - OMG, that made me die. I can actually imagine Chris saying that.

"Actually, darklighters rarely attack. Which is kind of surprising. You'd think with all the hybrids in our family—" - Typical. She's being all concerned and there's just Chris being his sarcastic self, xD

She turned back to the whitelighter, offered a falsely chipper smile. "Well, that went well, don't you think?" - LOL! That was so Piper. *clapclap*

Closing the door behind him, he called, "Hey, old man!" There were a couple of seconds before he noted a response, the tinkling of a form taking shape beside him in the hallway. - PAHAHA, xD Old man. Oh my.

That goodbye from Benjamin though made me sad, it was like he felt like he failed his job. That made me sad. I don't like being sad. Screw you for making me sad.

Aw, Chris trying to protect Dwight; damn Ben, you crazy ass stalker.

Jake! No! Ben! What did you doooo! I'm gonna guess that Chris has lost Jake's trust now. I hope something works out, Jake needs Chris! :(

Uhhhh, there's probably more to review about but I've totally blanked on what else I wanted to write; so, yeah. Can't wait for your next chapter :3
7/2/2014 c18 lizardmomma
good job, now to find Dwight and make things right, again.
6/19/2014 c17 CharmedOpal
Gahhh, I read this whole.. Fanfiction, all in two nights. I'm addicted. Its so amazing. Screw you and you're good writing, pulling me in.

I pretty much expected Marcy to end up being α witch, didn't stop me from being surprised when I found out though; xD

Go Leo, go Leo, go Leo. He was completely in character during this chapter. Him slamming his hand in anger and feeling useless was Leo all over. And I'm not able to hear Chris' voice in most stories but in this story, with every sarcastic quip, Chris' voice follows it. It's one of the reasons I'm in love with this story.

O' Death. Why is it with shows like Supernatural and Charmed, it has you leaving wanting more of the Angel Of Death? Damn..

I love that this story centers around Chris, Jake, and his family and friends in this story instead of it centering around him and α love interest; (don't get me wrong, I do love α Chris/OC but its nice to read something α little different.) Unless you intend on him getting with Marcy, 'cause if so imma stop reading 'cause that is messed up. XD

I like Dwight, but he doesn't really leave me anxious to read more of his and Chris' friendship. But I gotta admit, I feel sorry for him with Chris always cancelling their plans. Being friends with α witchlighter is α bitch.

I'm so interested in Katie's character. Her power and the inability to feel has me wanting to read so much more about her. It's α unique situation, it's as if Phoebe and Coop have α child with α disability. And having to cope with those struggles. Being α child with α disability, it must be why I like her character so much. How she's limited to doing certain things and how people can do less things with her is very relatable.

But on α lighter note, damn; how on earth will she be able to have sex?

There's probably loads more that I want to write in this review about this story, but its 5am and my eyes are stinging from staring at my phone for so long. I blame you and I can't wait for your next chapter. (:
6/19/2014 c17 lizardmomma
I'm reading it. I think this was well done and I am curious as to who Chris was talking to besides the AOD.
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