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6/6/2007 c4 4Bitchy Princess
I honestly recomend that you to put romance in this story, it is SO briliant so far, keep it up! Don't worry, i TOTALLY love to think ahead too. No offence, but I have never really fancied teen characters growing up THEN haveing romance.

Anyway, I love it so far... load soon!
6/6/2007 c4 1Battlecry4ever
Haha, this is a realy cool story^^, I HATE Blunt. Oh, and I'm from Norway, so if you are planing on writing anything norwegian, i wil undersand it:-P Update soon!
6/6/2007 c4 3HeartsofNarnia
Love it and I say do a sequel and make them older.
6/5/2007 c4 13The Midnights Sun
i say romance it up baby!


im weird.

good job!

but im pretty pissed about how every author on fanfiction thinks alex cant know what it really feels like to lose his parents because he didnt really know them, but has anyone actually thought that that may be the worst part?

he DIDNT get to know his parents, where the love he could've held for them there's basically a whole. same with his uncle, ian was never home so obviously he didn't know ian that well either.

maybe the pain is a little worse, maybe that hole is a little bigger, maybe the emptiness is a little magnified.
6/5/2007 c4 Babiiee-Z
heyy yeh i like it! it's a lot like an alex rider story that i'm writing at the moment haha so we can see who's turns out for the better (im willing to bet it will be yours)

you're a good writer, awesome style, but i gotta say maybe you could make alex more..appealing? or at least have some of his points of view or something like that...

anyways i love it so far was waiting for you to update

6/5/2007 c4 1XevolutionX9
Hey nice story! please continue and update soon!^_^
5/27/2007 c3 babiieez
ohh i love it! please keep going!

maybe make the next chapter have alex in it more, and like when they meet or whatever...


5/16/2007 c3 1Battlecry4ever
Hi, pleas, update soon:P I loved it!^^,
5/13/2007 c3 8Crazy Kawaii
It's Alex, isn't it?

That would be a fantastic way to meet someone! Tackle them to the ground, then be elbowed in the gut! Love at first sight, lol.

This is turning out great, I really enjoyed reading it. Update soon!

5/13/2007 c1 3LadyJanet009

I'm LadyJanet009, and just wanted

to let you know that I really like this

story so far. I've just joined up today and

am looking forward to reading more Not Again!

and submitting some of my own stuff.

Hope to hear from you soon,

I'll see you around and please

please please update soon.

5/12/2007 c3 13The Midnights Sun
its alex.

i think.

i dont know.

but update.

2/23/2007 c2 TheExactBrandofHerion
i love it! please update! its so perfect. im hooked.a few spelling issues and typos but i love it as a whole. keep going
1/3/2007 c2 BekkaJane
yea, it's pretty short, but it's good! please update soon! i can't wait
12/21/2006 c2 KeitorinTeirra
I like it. And it could be a bit longer but it doesn't really matter the length. So long as the content is good. :)
12/19/2006 c2 ebonylight
omg i love ur story its heepz kwl keep it up!
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