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6/14/2020 c1 ironspike68
Very interesting story and the ending was Karma to the upmost.
4/20/2014 c1 EvilTheLast
It was a good one-shot.
8/19/2013 c1 kaazmiz
Divine jugement.
4/21/2013 c1 2Beyogi
I like this :) Someone really got themselves into hell. Well that's what you get for pride, stubbornness and the wish to do genocide.

Great story, thank you for writing,
3/28/2011 c1 9NorJC
Nice short story. I would like to see how a Six or an Eight would fair against a Raptor, particularly if they recognized the danger of the creature and the lengths they would need to go to defeat it.
11/19/2009 c1 2The Hidden Sith
11/11/2009 c1 ShadowCub
Run prey.
7/13/2009 c1 cklammer

Nice. Cavil for lunch.

The only thing that is disturbing plot-wise for the main story is that the Raptors now have access to the Cylon resurrection tech base.

As for Brother Cavil: "A disembowel a day keeps the doctor away ..."
6/17/2009 c1 BakerStreetIsLastRefugeOfHope
A great story. Very good.
12/5/2006 c1 SADDAMINSANE
You allmost feel sorry for the Cylon allmost.

PS Did you happen to watch a program showed that Raptors used there claws to stab there victims rather then slash like in the movies?
11/14/2006 c1 Bookstick
This is one great story! Please keep writing in this world that you have created. I for one would like to read more of your stories.
11/11/2006 c1 1Dracowar
That was wonderful. Thank you!
11/11/2006 c1 mistakenot
I liked this side-story. Pretentious Cylons, indeed. But I hope making side-stories won't distract you from the main plot. ;) I can't to see how you'll have the Colonials meet up with the Terrans!
10/24/2006 c1 35Maevenly
I commend you on the smooth delivery of your piece. It was very well written - but I have to say that you really should have put an AU label on this story.

It was very hard to follow. I know that you were recouting what you saw in your imagination and cross-referencing it with pararells from storylines such as Running Man, Predator and alike... All I could think of, as I read the last line of your story, was that your were summoning references made in the original BSG series where cylons were likened to have a reptilian ancestry.

What I am trying to share - rather disjointedly and for that I apologize - is that if you do anticipate writing additional chapters, please consider adding more exposition to flesh out your plot line.


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