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for Shippo's First Time

8/16/2007 c1 cfruge444
1/17/2007 c1 1astronomicalllll
I liked it. It was adorable!
12/12/2006 c1 27Rabbitzan
*nodnods* aww poor Shippo I think he needs a hug! Anywho, love the way wrote it (wish there could have been more movement little describtions of what he does through the song) I did however enjoy it. Sorry I've watched waay to many cartoons with songs being sung by the character :( I will try to read your other stories one more thing.(Bah conveniency store habit) Have an Awesome day.
10/31/2006 c1 1SoFudginBored
SO CUTE! ShiPPo iS So cOOl!
10/31/2006 c1 41TheDamnedIdiot
It was... okay.

Too much song, not enough story.

I don't support Shippo/Souten or even Souten in general, but hey whatever.
10/29/2006 c1 27alli-sun
Hey! What's up? Well, if you read my profile, it said that if you review one my stories, I will review one of yours! At first I thought that this was Shippo/Kagome (I don't know why, I just sort of read the first verse) but then I reread the whole thing, including your author's note, and then I got it. It was really sweet, I've never really thought about Shippo as a character. I just sort of dismissed him as a little kid in the back of my head and focused on other characters. Shippo and Souten do seem nice, don't they? Souten is a bit masculine, though. But she'll grow up. I hope Shippo gets out of his depressed state, I like seeing him happy. n-n
10/28/2006 c1 1MiScHiEvOuS BuTtErFlY
Hey! This is really good! You should do another!
10/28/2006 c1 this is my nick name .kat
Hey great chapter I kinda feel the same about now I just got hurt not to long ago I have feelings too but it seems that they dont know that anyway ya great chapter keep it up!

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