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for Once In A Lifetime

4/25/2014 c1 Phoebe
Aww so sad!
11/19/2006 c1 float like a sponge
a beautiful reminder that less is more. This was wonderful.
11/2/2006 c1 20crimsonpuddle
You broke up my poor Chandler and Monica ;_; lol.

Suspensefull, heh. I like it. It's well written and really emotional.

I know Monica would 'never cheat on chandler' blah blah blah, but you've really put a good idea into this. Well done.
10/30/2006 c1 3Valerie Shea
Wow, you're really good at capturing emotion. I love it. Keep up the good work! (Even though the only person I can imagine Monica cheating on Chandler with is Richard...)
10/30/2006 c1 random visitor
that was beautiful written, a bit sad but really beautiful

i always like your style eventough sometimes your ideas are a little strange

i really liked it


oh and i just love reviews like "monica would never cheat on chandler" ha ha

what makes everybody so sure about that?
10/29/2006 c1 anon
Monica would never cheat on Chandler.
10/29/2006 c1 12jennied
How do you do it? How do you make something so short so beautiful? lol

Anyway this was fab but really, really sad. Great job!
10/29/2006 c1 stessa
This was really good, very sad though.

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