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for Kataang Purge: The Drabbles

11/17/2007 c12 6Quasi-Verbatim
O, i like it, you rly should make this its own fic,i would definitly read it
9/4/2007 c12 1joehalo15
I don't even know if you are comtinuing this story last updated like half a year ago, but hey, you might have some really big writers block *grins*. I really do hope you continue this, it's really a good read, my story is not nearly as good. Keep going please...

5/29/2007 c12 angel wingz
hey are you going to make anouther chapter or what i have been waitting for a year now for a new chapter please make at least ten more chapters or less please please with a charry on top please thanx
3/22/2007 c3 Jenn123
I loved your story. You seemed to really know what you were talking about.

One thing I would like to point out is that since he's the Avatar, and mastered all 4 elements in a matter of months, he would probably be better than Katara. He has also mastered water thousands of times before, too, and is naturally able to bend every element easily.

Otherwise though, I thought your story was great. It was really funny, too.
3/20/2007 c1 10AFX787359
hurry with the other 2

good story
3/8/2007 c12 7Princess Yue
So how exactly more violent is this supossed to get? I really like it, but I'm not a big fan of gruesome...

Yeah, I was cringing the whole time. Maybe it's just me. *shudders* Poor Aangy, I don't want him to be tortured! Anyways, great fic.
3/7/2007 c12 Xenia101
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! i dont usually like Gore but this i cant look away from! good luck with future chapters/storys!
3/4/2007 c12 11chocolatecoveredbananacheese
OMG! These are awesome stories. Violent... but awesome. Poor Aang and Katara. *Cry* *Whimper* *Cry*
2/21/2007 c12 78Liselle129
I just found your new chapters (I've been busy writing). I like the story, even though it is quite dark. It's gritty and real, and my vote would be to start it as its own fic.

I'm going to nit-pick a little. You've done it twice, but you should never use "about" and "couple" at the same time. It's essentially creating a redundancy of vagueness. Say "a couple of hours" or "about two hours," for example.

Since you asked about Azula's character, I'd say you're pretty close, though there's a lot we don't know about her, which leaves plenty open for interpretation. The only thing I would say is that I doubt she would reveal any genuine emotion to her enemies. She might give a smug smirk, but I think that's about it.

I do hope the torture doesn't drag on too incredibly long. I think I understand what you're trying to do, but I don't feel I need to read all of it, if that makes any sense. I really look forward to the continuation of this. I want to see love pull though!
2/20/2007 c12 3Magnumus
MAN! That was dark and somewhat disturbing. Gave me a strange, unsettling feeling. You have amazing writing skills but jesus, if its getting much more gruesome i may take a break from reading it. (not a negative thing)
2/20/2007 c12 17FairyGardenCorgis
This was frickin' awesome! You must update! And how did you find out where all those sensitive ares were? Did you look it up or something?
2/20/2007 c6 Zak Sib
MUST WRITE MORE! That was totaly awsome. One of the best I've ever read, and I go on everyday.^_^
2/20/2007 c12 126Invaderk
Geez, more gruesome? I think I can handle it. xD

Amazing development by the way. I love how you didn't turn Aang into some sort of angry monster after the first cut.

I only have one suggestion: In the season finale of season 1, it showed that Sokka would do anything to save his friends (Aang). I don't know, but his attitude in this story seems a little quick to let Aang go. I'd have thought that he'd be the ringleader in making a plan.

But besides that, the story is fantastic. I can't wait for more!
2/20/2007 c12 17libowie
Oh, i really like this, even if it is a bit gory. I suppose that it's nice to see the kiknd of thing they would never put on the real show. I can't wait until you update!
2/20/2007 c12 9frozenheat
Well *takes deep breath* That was pretty violent.

And gruesome. Very gruesome. I interested to see Aang's change of character, and so of course I look forward to the next chapter.
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