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for Wishing for Snow

1/16/2016 c1 12socialgirl378
And that feeling my friends is called LOVE! Your story made me gush, and I love it.
11/12/2006 c1 anonymous
Pacing of the romance was limited by the story's timing, so there's less to critique here, but this was highly well done for a "moment in time" oneshot. ^_^ and they still haven't confessed yet, have they? They're just gonna stare at each other until they hit a wall or something huh?
11/2/2006 c1 11Winnywriter
It barely snows at all where I live. We've only had one snowday in the past three years! ONE! Anyway, I liked the story alot!
10/31/2006 c1 31Tech-Man
Very nice, I really enjoyed this story. I wish it would snow here.
10/30/2006 c1 3jessicajason
This was very sweet. Well done.
10/30/2006 c1 CharmedNightSkye
Aw thats really sweet. Yah I love the snow and I hate it soon its soo cold yet not cold enough for snow. Very cute. Til later readings

10/30/2006 c1 sidonia16
i really liked you have a very poetic literary voice
10/30/2006 c1 66Trumpet-Geek
It's pretty good. Sweet and all:P
10/30/2006 c1 11Phantom Shadow Pirate
That was an amazing oneshot! I really loved it!

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