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7/16/2013 c1 olliebella
great story xx
2/24/2007 c1 24Mtwapa
WOW, these drabbles (if I may call them that) simply swept me away. Very much liked the comparison to Atlas. I really do support the HY relationship, and 'doublespeak' (would have never thought of it, but I've been looking for ages for a word to describe the double meanings behind their words) is a very appropriate word to describe the complex scenes the 2 characters have. And finally (sorry I realise this is a tad bit long) your closing lines for the 'dream' had me holding my breath for a very long time. 'The Dream' was a very realistic piece! Hope to see some more of your work soon, Cheers

p.s ( I really do enjoy reading your disclaimers!)
2/7/2007 c1 73Duckie Nicks
I've been meaning to comment on this fic for a while because it really is probably one of the best fics in the CSI Miami forum and maybe even on the whole site.

Your sentences are so beautiful (the whole private cemetery idea is amazing), and I love the way each section captures all the little things that make Horatio and Yelina such an interesting pair.

I think my favorite part is the third one. Poor Horatio. I am inclined to believe that he probably has had those dreams about her and has been furious with himself over it.

Great job!
11/1/2006 c1 8bookwrangler
Okay, you give me props for my writing, but you are the Queen of Saying Everything With No Dialogue! "the private cemetery he carries within has begun to bleed through." Wow! Powerful stuff. And so true. That's part of what makes H so appealing. It hurts to see him so haunted and you want to do something about it.

As always, great stuff. Even if it is short. Muse needs to get cracking. And watch those attack lawyers.

Thank you.
10/31/2006 c1 30randomwriting
Your wonderful way with words comes shining through again. When you write Horatio, I see the strong, caring character I once saw, before the writers turned him into the cartoon character I see now. I loved Atlas. "This is a different kind of silence." That entire piece was a wonderful bit of descriptive writing. And then the last three sentences of The Dream. Wonderful. You left us with some lovely sentences to decipher.
10/31/2006 c1 26Caramelchan
flahdhgidsah! Wowowow! They were all so amazing! I loved them! Wow! The last one was totally gorgeous! With the dream and ah! And I loved the metaphors one... so true! And the Damsel and Knight thing. Beautiful!
10/31/2006 c1 17Lakshmibai
Wow - loved these three little pieces. My favourite has to be 'Atlas'. 'Anyone else would have broken long before under its weight', it's so true. That's why we love him. Horatio carries on, despite everything, and I think you really captured that determination (almost desperation on his part sometimes), perhaps more especially because it's from someone's else POV.

The final three lines of 'The Dream' were very moving. Horatio is never scared, or at least never shows it, but here he shows his vulnerable side. Loved it. Always look out for your fics, this is just another example of why I do that.

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