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11/3/2018 c6 4Monster King
Great story please continue it
12/23/2009 c6 123AmberEyes90
i loved this story!
3/16/2008 c1 2gof22
Great chapter. I really enjoyed reading it. Poor Naruto will outlive his wife and children. I feel bad for him.
12/6/2007 c6 Ower
A realy good story. I was laughing hard at the part wit Eds apearence, and the image of Gaara givin a hors ride to a litle girl. It roked.
7/17/2007 c6 20Mrs Hatake Itachi
Nice story all in all!
6/4/2007 c1 Balder-sama
So far, so good. Though, I don't really agree that Gaara had it easy when he became the Kazekage.
5/27/2007 c6 1Shimmer Stream
This was a great story. Especially the after-life idea.
4/18/2007 c1 Prim8
Sweet fic!
3/9/2007 c6 5Dragonmage182
Just found this and LOVED it! I'm extemely happy that you're going to keep writing for theDremverse. Are you going to write a story about the afterlife and thier adventures? If so that would be awsome.
3/9/2007 c6 1Kitsune Kit
3/9/2007 c6 1codemonkey
it was great you should write more stories unrelated of course since this is over and you can make it the ideal end or continue going in the world of dreams. i also suggest you tell more about the time between orochimaru's death and sakura's death but it ws great
3/9/2007 c6 Rydeon
I just had oral surgery so I'm kinda outta it a bit so no lengthy review. However Ive been reading this story for awhile now and it was certainly a great initial venture into multiple chapter stories and I felt it deserved more reviews then what it got. However I hope you continue writing and improving off your previous performances over time :)
3/9/2007 c6 byJoso
Damn. This story was awesome.
1/29/2007 c5 LKarina
great story

what's going to happen with Naruto?

please don't kill him
1/29/2007 c5 7dreamlifter
it was well written, and i liked the new bushin


it kinda came off as very convenient, lots of god like things going on, when 'Ed' came out, my mind switched to what kind of story this is and enjoyed reading the fun chapter.

now the only thing is what the deal was with the death god
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