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9/18/2010 c1 6Miss Pessimistic
I liked the end, but wasnt it a bit rushed? lol
9/15/2007 c1 Jazz E. Roisin
Wow! I loved it. I can see the attraction of the pairing, however I do have a few pointers that would make the story more powerful and attracting.

1. Try writing in any tense but present.

2. Describe the scene between them in way more detail. Even it that requires a rating change.

Loved it. You've almost got me turned over to Sirius Remus. Almost.


P.S. You should write more HP.
7/17/2007 c1 15embyr81788
Aww. Too cute!
3/18/2007 c1 4cyiusblack
um update soon
2/4/2007 c1 19Rubber-duckiesofdoom
i want sirius to trip onto my lips.

but remus can have him, i guess.

the age difference might be creepy.


but then...

no. no. i'll be sweet and give him to remus. along with my card ;)

11/29/2006 c1 Catty0798
So what, we've been friends for basically ever and you decide to not tell me that you've written fanfics? yeah, uncool. haha. jk, I LOVE YOU WINRY! Very cute story!

11/16/2006 c1 28Haruka Kamiya
KYA! KAWAII DESU! (Kya! That's so cute!) XD
11/13/2006 c1 13Angel Of Noctem
Very cute! Me likie ^^
11/13/2006 c1 4Flame Of Dragoon
Aw! I love so much! Can I translate this story in french? Please!
11/5/2006 c1 1Quick like bunnies
Aw heeheehee. I loved the line Of course you nitwit and "sexy-neck"

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