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7/25/2007 c5 BeautyAndSomethingElse
its a great fic so far, but i would really apreciate it if you made the chapters longer than the previous ones, im looking forward to an update.

TTFN! ;p
7/18/2007 c5 misfit writer16

6/10/2007 c4 5TheHuntresss
Your story idea is good... but your chapters are way too short. Try to aim for at least 10 words a chapter more is better but less really isn't worth putting up consistantly.

Your current chapters are a bit jumpy and a beta reader or a little fine tuning on your part could fix that in a jiffy!

A couple of comments... If as you've said Harry isn't stupid why didn't he cotton on to the fact that Ron really wasn't his friend? because no matter how you look at it Ron wouldn't have immediately blamed Harry if he was in anyway his friend.

Haven't these people ever heard of police work? You know like investigation and stuff looking into the crime to PROVE who might have done it? We call it forensics but what the hell. They could check his wand for prior cast spells... They could question him with veritaserum.. they could like actually look at the crime scene to see if any evidence pointing to someone else actually exists. Regardless to bring HIS trunck and BURN everything killing a living being for SPITE... I'd say Ron and Hermione need to be roasted over an open pit for a few hours then rolled in salt then hung up while having kids shoot super soakers at them full of rubbing alchol.

Update again soon..
6/1/2007 c4 Merrymow
I was wondering when you're going to update?
5/7/2007 c4 Persefone88
His friends seams a bit fast too belive him a murderer but it is much better now.
4/11/2007 c4 Sam
Ok story you have here but your chapters are far to short for your updates, will look for it though
4/8/2007 c4 11Prophetess Of Hearts
... Hey, you... KEEP WRITING! ... Other then that any chance i could convince you to make your chapters longer?
4/6/2007 c4 1fifespice
cool hedwig came back as a snake so pls update soon
4/6/2007 c3 fifespice
waht bastards poro hedwig and harry too least the aurro beleives harry at the moment
4/6/2007 c2 fifespice
some freinfd ron is immediatedly balaming harry and im guessing the old bastard dumbledoer somehow set harry up that eh looed triumphant and demaded his arrest poor kid
4/6/2007 c1 fifespice
interesting start
4/2/2007 c4 Gabwr
This is interesting. Great start. Nobody thought Harry would be over to get Vertisurum. That pretty much ruins their plan for sending Harry to Prison. I can't wait to read more.
4/2/2007 c4 Lubbleeone
3/19/2007 c4 HFFB
Soo...cool story. When does harry go back in time? I like the story so far, but it seems the tiniest bit jumpy. If that makes sense. But thats okay. I like it. I love it. I adore it...umm, yeah.
3/18/2007 c4 2VanillaSlash
chapters are too short, but i like this story!
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