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11/10/2006 c1 65Weiila
Took a few tries to even get the review window open, for some reason. Shows I care to keep trying ;)

I'm normally suspsicious of AUs, and especially when I got to the highschool/college words I raised an eyebrow. Highschool AU is such a cuss-phrase ;P Buut, this wasn't like that. This one actually worked. Even if it's extreme AU, this is something I could see Jak do to unwind - it suits him, disappearing into the crowd, not explaining, trying to be normal. The last especially, even if it's an AU and he probably doesn't need to feel "normal" as much as he could use to get to feel it in canon. Buut, that there's also that thing about AUs needing to have a semblance to canon not to be an original story with familiar names ;) So yup, your extreme AU-ishness for a one shot passes.

I am wondering where Daxter is in all this though.
11/7/2006 c1 22Jamoo34
Wow. Just wow. I really loved your writing style and the atmosphere you set up was just the thing I was in the mood for. The openess of the ending is something you really don't see well-done in this fandom but you've done it perfectly. I really don't understand why I'm the only one who has reviewed on this so far because it deserves so many just for being set up so damn well. The past and present tenses were done wonderfully, and I couldn't see a time where you got them confused which was wonderful to see in a writer for once. Thank you for making me such a happy little reader today!

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