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for Blood

6/11/2014 c2 5DemonCry
Cruel. So cruel. No updates in nine years. Please come back to it.
8/3/2013 c2 S. M. L. Stevhmaklie
good keep going!
11/26/2010 c2 Servent Satsujinki
you just had to give up this fic didnt you...

well that never stoped me from begging so PLEASE CONTINUE THIS!...i will give you a cookie if you do.
5/1/2010 c2 Blk sh
Oh! Oh! I like- no- I LOVE it!

Pleasepleasepleaseplease write more! Lots more!

Don't let this story die so fast! :(
7/27/2009 c2 Ymixle
Edward and Alucard are cute together! Poor Al!
10/12/2008 c2 3Ellia-chan
i know youprobably forgot this story but please continue!
8/7/2008 c2 6bloody raptor
3/12/2008 c2 Nameless
please update soon:)
10/23/2007 c2 Hyrulehalfbreed
Hey love it keep going!
5/24/2007 c2 21hpets
great story sofar I really really hope u continue please
4/7/2007 c2 9shinigami109
w00t! ed's a vampire! *does a happy dance* sry i love stories where ed's a vampire and i especially love that it's a hellsing xover. couple questions though... how will ed get back now? what was up with that little envy scene? and does ed still have his automail? can he do alchemy? plz don't let al come into this world and plz don't let ed go compleatly out of character. also, PLZ don't make this a "ed is all depresed and dramatic" PLZ! update soon s'il vous plait! merci!
1/25/2007 c2 Silber Da
i know you haven't got a lot of reviews but please up-date this story it is cool!
12/9/2006 c2 dark dhampir
Awsome story!
11/29/2006 c2 107kirallie
Oh boy. Ed as a vampire with Alucard as his sire. Feel kinda sorry for the world. Will he ever get home? If he does they'll be shocked at his changes.
11/13/2006 c1 16triggerhappy.antagonist
*Rolls over and dies*
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