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1/2/2016 c5 4BreatheOfAKiss
i like the connection that Tommy and Jude have. :)
1/2/2012 c34 PurpleDancinFairy
A-mazing! Cannot wait to read more!
5/3/2011 c34 1tiff8
I so love this story cant wait to read part2
12/30/2010 c34 76driver picks the music
Wow, that ending was perfect. It's sad when your first story ends isn't it? But it's also nice, because you know that you made it, you finished it and made it to the end. I'm proud of you for this story, it was great, and I can't wait to read another one. :o)
12/29/2010 c34 SweetNikki9008
wow that was a great ending to this story. I loved it! I kinda hope that you keep Jude and Tommy together in the next story, but whatever you have in store I bet I'll love it all the same. =)
10/13/2010 c33 SweetNikki9008
bad bad kwest! but im glad that jude is safe and that sadie totally kicked ass. =)
10/9/2010 c33 shadylady21
Great chapter. I can't believe that Kwest was helping. I feel sorry for Sadie being used like that, but at least she's strong enough not to let a jerk bring her down. I loved her beating the crap out of him. Thank goodness her and Tommy got to GMajor as soon as they did. What I want to know is why Adrian and Kwest are going after Jude. What's the reasoning behind that? Can't wait to read what's next.
10/9/2010 c33 jommyforever
so goood PMS !
9/28/2010 c33 driver picks the music
You are very welcome.

That was great. Sadie rocked. :o) You did such a good job with this chapter. Don't doubt yourself, you're a great writer. Can't wait to read the next one.
9/27/2010 c33 aThousandYearsWaiting
Glad 2 c u updated! This chapter was great. Can't wait 4 the next update(:
6/13/2010 c32 ellie141516
omg this has to be the best chapter i've read yet! i love the very first part of the chapter :P so what is going to happen about jude's stalker? will this all become a happy ending? hope to read more soon! x
6/12/2010 c32 aThousandYearsWaiting
Great chapter! Post more soon please!
6/7/2010 c32 driver picks the music
This was great. Probably one of my favorite so far. You're doing really great with this story, I can't wairt to read more.

p.s. Glad you're computre it working now. lol! I know how much it sucks when they don't. :o)
5/8/2010 c24 4isabellamasens
"About Mom and Dad moving to Cincinnati."

Why Cincinnati? I live in Cincinnati and it sucks!

The rest of the story is amazing. I've actually got a Jude is producer/Tommy is Instant Star story saved somewhere else.

Ha, I've also got you on myspace, so I get to talk to you whenever.

Love you chica, AMAZING story. 5/5
5/7/2010 c32 SweetNikki9008
awh that was great! I loved that we got to meet his family members. i cant wait for the next chapter! =)
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