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for Love Eternal?

1/12/2020 c1 tia beel
i like this story of shido and cain
4/15/2019 c2 tia beel
why did cain make shido into a vampire
4/15/2019 c1 tia beel
i like the show nightwalker because it has nightbreeds and vampires i love the story of shido and cain i did not know that cain made shido into a vampire all also i did not no that shido can form weapons from blood that is cool and why cain kiss shido
3/17/2019 c1 tia beel
i like the show nightwalker because it has vampires nightbreeds i love the story of shido and cain i don,t know why cain kissed shido
2/23/2019 c1 tia beel
i like the story of cain and shido i watch the nightwalker on youtube
12/18/2011 c10 11Pookey
Hey! It's Jyss! BTW...I freakin love this! MAN LOVING FTW 3 kesesese! I love the writing style, very descriptive *nod nod* Which is always a plus. I like the way you are going with all this and I can definitely help you finish this up with a few ideas *nod nod* Keep It Up!
8/12/2011 c6 Nobody's Home Anymore
"Oh my..." LOLED SO HARD at that part I almost PEED. Well, not really. It's hard to make me do that. But if I were someone else, I would've almost peed. I can imagine that so well... pffffft... to think that he killed just the night before.
3/12/2011 c1 5jessi-k94
super fic! j'adore!je vais peut être en écrire une aussi sur Shido et Cain^^. Bonne continuation et j'adore ce couple! *ç*
2/8/2011 c10 burekdober
so Shido isn't a virgin anymore?Pity :P

hope the next chapter comes out soon :3
2/4/2011 c1 burekdober
woohoo yeah, love you for this 3

cain/shido don't have enought fanfics :3

but the anime is just awesome ^^
12/24/2008 c4 2DeeSparks
Great first chapter to this one! I love it! ^_^ I truly do. I love vampires so this is just awesome!
9/7/2008 c7 Nayminee
I wonder what's gona happen next XD
9/7/2008 c6 Nayminee
I love it!

Thanks for writing
6/18/2008 c1 1Eunnie
Wow! =/ I can't believe you're one to write yaoi, Tony-chan. Anyways, it really captured my attention! Great writing and flow! =] Can't wait to read the others!
5/14/2008 c8 Shi
i was expecting more of the cain and shido action... for me the two girls were kinda "MEH"

didn't really work out well. the final chapter didn't intrigue me as much because shido was like a robot, but the title was "changes". still, i was't with the idea of him kissing rosa or the "my love" thing. i really thought it would just be cain and shido, you know. oh well, you're the author. but the chapters with the girls, for me, just wasn't good enough, sorry
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