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11/13/2006 c2 jammer587
Great chapter! I'm submitting a character for you. Feel free to tweak this as needed for your story...

Character Name: Emma Edwards (a.k.a. "Willow")

Brief physical description: Average height (about 5 ft. 7 in.). She has a slim, willowy (hence the nickname) figure. Her eyes are both blue, but the left one has a bit of hazel in it. She has medium brown hair that appears red in the right light. It a little longer than shoulder length, and she usually wears it in a french braid or a low ponytail. She wears a white or ivory shirt with her plum colored skirt. She also has a dark green skirt, but she likes to save that one for special occasions.

Important Back-story events that you would like included: Emma's mother died after the birth of her little brother, Peter. Her father owned a bookstore, and sent the kids to school. However, he started borrowing a lot of money and couldn't pay it back. The bulls came and he went to jail. They wanted to put Emma and Peter in an orphanage, but Emma knew that would be terrible for them both. She took Peter and they ran away. After sleeping on the streets and stealing to survive for a few weeks, they met Medda. Emma became a waitress at the theatre, so she knows the newsies a bit already.

And which Newsie you would like to be paired with (Jack, of course, is taken): Skittery, please. Also, here's the story of how they met. Emma was working as a waitress at Medda's, and she spilled a drink (or two) on Skittery. As she apologized profusely and became deeply embarrassed, he asked her to dance. And the rest is history. ;o)
11/11/2006 c1 jammer587
This sounds like it coud get interesting! I haven't been on this site that long, but this is one of the best ideas for a storyline that I've seen so far.

You write well too... I wasn't correcting the story in my head the whole time. (I tend to do that sometimes when I read fan fiction!) :oD

I'm going to choose number One. I hope something really terrible doesn't happen in the story now... I'd feel awful!

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