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8/19 c62 Wolvie26
Love it!
5/14 c41 Scarease
Some forgot that Jedi are peacekeepers first before warriors .
5/14 c37 Scarease
It's slowly returning but take time he entering the more shadowed area and out darkness .
5/14 c35 Scarease
Control ones anger reserve it for Emperor and then as kill him let go release all on him once done be fear of it .
5/14 c30 Scarease
Aniken letting his impasionate pop up again look where that got him last time .
5/14 c28 Scarease
Vengeance and justice two side same coin .One just has insure do become as much of monster one seek vengeance on , that only your intended target suffers ,and that no innocents catch in crossfire .
5/14 c26 Scarease
Democracy bound go down in a fit of tyranny black laws dictionary and Military dictionary .Demcracy is essensually Mob law mean all take one or more chrismatic individuals to sway view mob to intact corrupt laws or to build power base for him or her self .Example of Republic that Fell The Romain empire was once a Republic then became a Democracy and then it's fall as Cezers overthrow the Senate and such .Example Mob Law Hitler rise and spread of Idealogy .
5/14 c21 Scarease
Well Kenobi you really messed this up .Repairing that relationship will like pulling teeth out anger and hunger crocodile with bare-hands .
5/14 c20 Scarease
Coming out Dakr still in it just not in abyss of wickedness that Sidious is in for he only love for himself .
5/14 c18 Scarease
Well at least get good make out section .better then nothing ,plus with your wife and child .
5/14 c17 Scarease
Cyborgs does not mean android .Some skin growth and grafting newly grown skin ,plus some organ replacements ,cloned arms and legs to replace what was lost .He will be good .
5/14 c16 Scarease
Padme for it easy yes but for lot other last memories of Five years have been Vadar the wife choker , terror of Galaxy ,rebel slayer ,Jedi killer and Emperors enforcer .
5/14 c14 Scarease
Well Dakr side what tell when person first falls into it like bezerker drug make you violent and feel like you can take on world ,dredges up every negative memory and thought had of person or people .Until where off or you learn control and restraint .
5/14 c13 Scarease
Use so mojo to fake your death ,hide your force presence .
5/13 c12 Scarease
Being wary and paranoid make sense with this consider events that happened .
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