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8/21/2012 c62 3Diamondgirl3
That was the best star wars story ever!
8/21/2012 c40 Diamondgirl3
Oh-no, god inate Obi one
8/21/2012 c30 Diamondgirl3
That idiot gave you your life back, hilarious!
8/21/2012 c4 Diamondgirl3
Yay, Anakin s good! Great story!
8/12/2012 c62 Lily1992
I love this Story D
8/8/2012 c62 Guest
This is the best starwars fanfiction I've read
7/5/2012 c2 Guest
is anakin in his vader form or his anakin form
7/7/2012 c62 KataraLovesAang
best starwars fact I have ever reading. i love Padme & Anakin together
6/10/2012 c61 5origamikungfu
My second time reading all the way through. And just like last time, once I started reading, I could barely stop til I finished. Excellent fanfic - actually one of my favorite stories ever.

6/9/2012 c10 1S.R.457
no matter how many time i read this stoiry i always cry...

3 time reading it 10 out 10...
6/2/2012 c62 S.R.457
10 out 10 very good it took 10 hours to read the hole thing very good in deed.

PS. And that when darth vader wakes up from a good dream. LOLZ
6/1/2012 c53 S.R.457
SO...epic..my...mind...is...blown... cant think... 10 out 10 so far...
3/28/2012 c62 1diluvina black
it was a great story. I actually started this morning and have been reading on and off the whole day until I just finished at 2:22 in the morning :-) so you see how much I enjoyed it.

Thanks for a wonderful new plot with great characters.

Tomorrow I'll take a look to see if there is a sequel (hopefully there is one)

Thanks again
3/27/2012 c62 bellaedwardginnyharry
Love this story
3/15/2012 c62 7Goeno
I adore you.
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