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1/15/2012 c62 7Isabelnecessaryonabicycle
this was a seriously amazing story! i love how you wrote it! it really reminds me of Quill of Molliemon's story Misunderstood and their sequel Exile, have you read them? you should, their my favorite star wars fanfiction. its a story of what would happen if Qui-Gon hadn't free'd Anakin.

i can't wait to read the rest of you're stories! :D
1/10/2012 c1 2Elfe90
12/11/2011 c61 687the stargate time traveller
Could you imagine Darth Vader, in his full suit, had actually changed a baby's nappy and went, " Impressive, most impressive " ?
11/16/2011 c1 bellaedwardginnyharry
Wonderful story
10/27/2011 c62 Princessofthepeople
BRILLIANT! This story is very gripping and interesting. I really wish the actual series ended this way...

Continue writing


9/22/2011 c62 19stargatesg1fan1
This story was definitely a very good read. I really liked how Anakin kicked ass in the end. The pairing were very nice indeed. Dorme and Obi Wan make a good couple. I was wondering if you could possibly explain to me how Sidious is able to use Sith lightning on his apprentice even across the galaxy? I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that Vader and Sidious share a Master/Apprentice bond but I'm not sure. That's something my fans and I have been debating all day and I would like to hear your explanation given how much you obviously know about the Star Wars universe. Thanks for giving this story a happy ending. Thanks for taking the time to write this and share it.
9/12/2011 c1 ginnyharrycloisalways
great story
6/19/2011 c62 SoTotallyDone
This is an amazing story, if there were other good,adventusome ideas, I might ask for a sequel, but even like this this story is terrific, keep up the good work :)

4/2/2011 c62 47Selonianth
well done.
3/29/2011 c62 harryginny25
One of the best story of Anakin and Padme I have ever read
3/4/2011 c62 5Alpha545
Wow, stunned, that was a magical story... great, thanks for this masterpiece!
2/24/2011 c44 108MissCHSparkles
This is a good story, and I've enjoyed it a lot.

Though, it's kind of a shame that Padme is so utterly unforgiving of Obi Wan. After all, Anakin utterly betrayed him when he turned to the Dark Side, destroying everything that he believed in. Not to mention murdering those younglings, it's no wonder Obi Wan thought he couldn't be trusted around children.

So, I don't think Obi Wan is entirely guilty in this instance, Anakin didn't act very calm when he saw him. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the end of this and I hope the two can make up.
1/18/2011 c62 AlicelovesJasperForever
wonderfull story I love Padme and Anakin
1/11/2011 c62 Iwould'vebeenAlexia
Great story!

Amazing writing...

What else can I say? Truly magical.
11/27/2010 c1 michealjacksoncloisfan
great srory
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