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10/3/2010 c21 2Hektols
Agree, Obi Wan leaving Anakin to burn on the lava river was something worth of a Sith.
10/2/2010 c20 Hektols
Good one.
10/2/2010 c19 Hektols
Good one.
10/2/2010 c18 Hektols
Now they are really motivated to find out a way to 'fix' him.
10/2/2010 c17 Hektols
It was the most touching part of the fic so far.
10/2/2010 c16 Hektols
Dormé had legitimate reasons to doubt Vader.
10/2/2010 c15 Hektols
It seemed strange to see C3PO doing that right.
10/2/2010 c14 Hektols
Very good scene.
10/2/2010 c13 Hektols
Excellent one.
10/2/2010 c12 Hektols
Vader is more intimidating than Anakin, no wonder why the Emperor wants to keep him like that.
10/1/2010 c11 Hektols
The departure was very touching.
10/1/2010 c10 Hektols
It was sad and beautiful at the same time.
10/1/2010 c9 Hektols
Good one.
10/1/2010 c8 Hektols
Poor Anakin, with the Emperor being able to hurt him from the other side of the Galaxy he is really at his mercy.
10/1/2010 c7 Hektols
Organa didn't expect to see that when he woke up.
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