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3/3/2008 c26 Ms Twilwk
I can no longer ignore Obi-Wan he is beginning to make me nervous.
3/3/2008 c25 Ms Twilwk
I am so excited about all of this.
3/3/2008 c24 Ms Twilwk
Oh she DOES have it bad very bad.
3/3/2008 c23 Ms Twilwk
That's so very nice he will finally be healed.

I can't get enough of this story.
3/3/2008 c22 Ms Twilwk
Great chapter all sounds very real.
3/3/2008 c21 Ms Twilwk
I like Neeja a lot and I'm glad he is staying with the children.

Dorme fancies Obi-Wan.
3/3/2008 c25 General Skywalker
Nicely done the entire medical scene,it reads so professionally and is authentic sounding.

Capitol job.
3/3/2008 c24 General Skywalker
Dorme likes Obi-Wan that was so funny.
3/3/2008 c23 General Skywalker

They can fix him.
3/3/2008 c22 General Skywalker
I'm so pleased with the progress of this story it is moving along quite well.
3/3/2008 c21 General Skywalker
Oh to make each other feel that way about each other, I love it.
3/3/2008 c21 Padme's Sister Sola
He is still very very dark , but the light is streaking through in waves.

Delightful story.
3/3/2008 c20 Padme's Sister Sola
I really like Nejaa as lot.
3/3/2008 c19 Padme's Sister Sola
Padme is definately serious about all of this , I knew she would be.
3/3/2008 c18 Padme's Sister Sola
I know that Padme will find a way. This is a great story!
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