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2/1/2007 c62 13creativesm75
very awesome!
1/23/2007 c62 ladywan
This is one of the best works of fiction I have ever read. You are a fantastic writer. I loved the character interactions , they were so realistic. I am a mother of two small children and you were so accurate in your descriptions of Luke and Leia as five year olds.

This is a great story of tragedy ,love ,redemption. I shall miss the challenges of finding time to read the chapters in this story.

I hope you do plan to write a sequel.

Now on to your new story My Daughter.
1/19/2007 c23 8Madison Desdemona
I'm only at chapter 23.. but so far.. I don't like how much they blame obi wan. I can understand that coming from anakin, but not padme. I think she would be a little bit more understanding and would blame the darkside, and his choices more than obiwan being uncompassionate. It just doesn't make any sense coming from her. Besides that I love it! Great story!
1/15/2007 c62 Padme52
This is the first Vader-Padme story I have ever read where I completed reading it and felt the author got it right.

This is an incredibly well written and told story. It is so original and imaginative, yet realistic; these characters came to life for me as I experienced their ups and downs throughout Vader/Anakin's redemption and re-entering the human race. Padme's love and devotion is second to none.

It was focused from chapter one through the epilogue. I loved every line.

It is now my all-time number one favorite fan fiction story. I also wish this was the original ff cannon story of the Skywalker family .

Love was always the light and the way to Anakins redemption. Thanks for writing this wonderful story.
1/15/2007 c62 EpisodeSkywalker
aw, its over?

I loved this story. Thanks for writing it =)
1/15/2007 c62 MMM73181
have to read the last three chaps but from what i glimpsed obi/dorme married hm?

sequel please lets see them with their children starting to train and grow up like 12-toearly 20's rage somewhere?

anyway a sequel would be great

1/14/2007 c61 Padme52
Nice that Naboo again represented happiness for Anakin and Padme:

Their marriage and now their best friends Obi-Wan and Dorme, The reunion with their extended family and the birth of their newest additions to the Skywalker family.

I loved the events in this chapter, and the flow of the story. Beautiful chapter not to long, filled with needed information from start to finish.

I loved it
1/14/2007 c62 3Lord of the Dull
OMG! i love the story! Can you please...please...please...please...write a sequal?

I'll review for every chapter if you do, I promise!
1/14/2007 c62 Wokka
Before I forget, I liked that Anakin and Obi-Wan confessed having missed their earlier friendship last chap. That in itself likely intensified the mutual hatred and resentment that was boiling for so long!

What a great way to frame this, the omni and omega chaps with the elder twins' birthday( family now living on Naboo,right?)! Hmm, we never found out what they wished for last time, did we? However;could having discovered their father was alive, having him restored to vitality, preventing their worst foe from hurting them and THEN having their parents give them sibs and being able to live on Naboo with their extended family been a bit wish fulfilling for twins who'd been kept somewhat isolated in sad circumstances their whole previous lives?

Oh, before I forget, it's interesting how quickly the twins (including Leia) seemed to forgive 'Uncle' Obi-Wan for having seriously hurt Anakin but I guess they decided that if their parents could do so, that they could,too. Not all children are that magnaminous even with parental urging!

Cool that the original Qui-Gonn gave his blessing to his namesake and his thanks to Anakin.

I admit I was appalled at Padmé seeking Vader out but it proved great for all concerned (except Palp- who SO deserved to have everything blow up in his face alone unlike too many fics which he alone gets his way)- and, so with the conclusion of this chap(and story), I now understand that the Protector in this story wasn't Obi-Wan, Vader or even Anakin but Padmé herself- the one who all the others THOUGHT was the one who needed protecting!

Thanks so much for this story (and helping provide proof that positive tales CAN be quite exciting, eventful, intriguing, interesting and multi-faceted). HOORAY!
1/14/2007 c6 3JessicaTheFair
I'm going to miss this story so much! *tears* It was great, I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future
1/14/2007 c61 Wokka
Naboo was where the wedding took place! That sounds good but even there, a shadow looms with the disappearance of Padmé's parents. Wonder where they went and how will they react to all these news?

Although the wait must have seemed an eternity to Padmé, we readers didn't have to wait long to find out their fate! Interesting that they didn't immediately take flight upon being greeted by Anakin instead of Padmé!

Good thing they were there to help out the parents with the impending arrival. I'm sure Padmé was somewhat grateful to be able to have them naturally unlike before. Anakin was rather taken aback by diaper duty but I loved the 'most impressive' line! And even more, great names they chose for their younger twins! Relieved that Luke and Leia didn't get resentful of their younger sibs getting all that attention.

One more to go, I see. ..
1/14/2007 c60 Wokka
Amazing that everyone in the Senate seemed so happy over Palp's assasination! I'd have thought he'd have had some die-hard cronies left but I guess he proved too nasty in the end for that!

I like Padmé's definition of democracy but Leia (here) had never known anything but freedom in her life thanks to the efforts of Padmé and her other guardians shielding her from regime! I'm grateful Palp NEVER got to encounter the twins or even see them but merely knew of them the last few days of his existance (and thanks, for NOT letting him be revived in any form)!

Great,too, that in keeping with giving Bail a far more significant role here than in the canon, Bail's now the new leader of the New Republic. Some may question the idea of him being elected unanimously without opposition but in the US, George Washington was elected the 1st President without any opposition,too, so it's not without real life precedent!

Fantastic that they went out to celebrate at Dex's place instead of some boring high-toned spot!

Whoa! Obi-Wan proposed to Dormé and she accepted? He sure knew when to strike when the iron's hot (or was it she who did?)!

Who'd have thought Anakin and Padmé would be witnesses to THAT wedding? LOL

1/14/2007 c59 Wokka
Sorry it took so long to make the time, but I'm catching up now:

Whoa! Where were Halycon's wife and kids all that time- including before the Jedi Purges?

What a reunion Anakin had with Padmé and the twins at her apartment but it sure doesn't seem like anyone was able to get any sleep between all the excitement,etc.!

Another set of twins? When Anakin fools around, he REALLY fools around (I'm keeping it clean here)!

Obi-Wan wasted no time in expressing his feelings to Dormé at long last!

But what lies next?
1/14/2007 c62 1DrBeat
This was one of the best stories I have ever read. THe plot completely immersed and transfixed me to checking for updates. I hope you write more AU! I'll be watching!

1/14/2007 c61 DrBeat
Aw! Soo cute!
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